Talking heads

the good news: word has just come out that all members of the heads will reunite for the release of the stop making sense movie.

the bad news: it is just for a q+a session. howevs, they will all be in the same room for the first time in decades and presumably talking to each other. so there is hope here. :crossed_fingers:


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Who took the money
Who took the money away?

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Byrne said in an interview in May that the Talking Heads would never reunite on stage because he would “never trade his happiness for cash.” If they ever reunite great, but Byrne burned a lot of bridges with the way he left.

Should be an interesting Q&A

I saw Tom Tom Club + Jerry Harrison in the early '90s. All the best parts of the Talking Heads, minus the drama. Jerry was on stage with Tom Tom Club the whole time, plus his small solo set. It was a 'Heads tour with extra goodies and no Dave, basically. Chris Franz, it turns out, sings Heads tunes just fine.

In “Once In A Lifetime”, Franz freestyled:

“You might ask yourself… where’s Dave?
We don’t know!”

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That’s funny, but true. Dave went away and never told the band what was going on.

Ironic that the Stop Making Sense Tour is what broke the band up.

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