TalkingBass Sale

@JoshFossgreen I know you and Mark Smith are friends, so I hope you don’t mind me posting this. It won’t hurt my feelings if you delete it.

Mark posted this on his Facebook group this morning:

Just to let you all know, this coming weekend will be the 7th Anniversary of Talkingbass and I’ll be running a 2 week sale. So anyone looking to purchase any courses this week should hold off until Saturday!

I’ve taken quite a few of Mark’s courses in conjunction with B2B, and they’ve helped me tremendously.


i see pam on the fb page for them all the time. i recently signed up for the unlimited access and am working my way through chord tones. mark is a good teacher. being this is josh’s forum i would of course agree that the place to start is josh’s course, but there is room for more than one teacher in the world. and if, like me, you’ve finished b2b it is a nice next step. i will say it is pretty pricey though if you purchase individual courses. and if you want to sign up for the unlimited access i was under the impression that you could not download any course material which it turns out is wrong - you cannot VIEW any course material, you only get the videos, which makes it much more problematic. of course you can just buy the courses ala carte and get all the material if you wish.


@itsratso that’s the reason I chose to purchase individual courses rather than the all access pass… so I could download the material. I have found the materials to be an invaluable reference, even long after I’ve finished the course.

(I’ve purchased 6 different courses during the past year, all during one of Mark’s sales)


yeah and i thought that’s what it was, that you can’t download the material. i swear i heard that somewhere. but you can’t even view the material, no tabs, no sight reading, nothing. it makes it much more difficult.


What the… hug?

So if you purchase an all access pass you basically have it harder and can’t download the material?
Is it just me or is this business model for an “all access” pass kind of weird?

Thanks for letting us know, Pam.


Its designed so you can try before you buy I guess. It’s a good program for some people.


He talked about it, and I get it. If you could download the material you could pay for a month, download everything and cancel and basically get everything on the sight for $20 bux.


Ah okay. It’s cheap. I haven’t checked.

Makes sense then.