The day I fxxxx up badly …

I was at the music store for my birthday and due to circumstances, I was there with my wife who was willing to make me happy (nice one I agree)

I have tried several basses

  • 2 MIM Fender Jazz (red and tidepool)
  • 1 fender ultra night hawk
  • 1 fender Adam Clayton

My 2 favorites where the MIM tidepool and the Adam Clayton (even though I was coming to buy the ultra)- she liked them a lot as well

My wife said pick the one you want …
I went for the MIM considering I wasn’t good enough to put more money on the new bass…

To my GAS friends


Happy birthday! And remember , there’s always next year :yum:


A well built bass is a well built bass regardless where the factory was. I have 2 MIMs and no complaints on fit and finish.



I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with the MIM.

That said, while I’m always looking for deals - I buy most stuff ‘pre-loved’ - I also believe in the ‘you’re worth it’ school of thought. Providing buying something doesn’t put me into financial difficultly, or impact long term financial planning … given the short window that are our lives*, I say enjoy it!

*I studied geology, a subject that gives one a sense of deep time and our place in the universe!



Geology, along with astrophysics, seeks to explain the history of the world, our solar system, our galaxy and the universe. Ain’t nothing more noble! :metal:


I just heared that geologists know how to rock ^^


And I majored in Hard Rock! (Seriously :wink:)


Maybe you should reflect that in one of your covers, so your education did not totally go to waste :slight_smile:

That means: AC/DC for you!?!?!?! That would be very funny!
If I can make a wish: please dress up as Angus Young! Your daughter would love that too, I’m sure!

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You’re right, the MIM is a very good bass

I also have a fender squier P which tbh is also great

For my 50 birthday (in a few years), I might go the Fender CS line… but not sure if this has to be a P or a J…

Alternative to Fender CS would be Mayonnes or Sandberg (I love the brightness of their J)

I remenber that if we were to create a 1h movie from BigBang to now mankind will only be 1 picture / frame

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Well, some friends of mine insist that mankind was there for the whole 6000 year movie, give or take a few days at the beginning ^^

Big Bang, approximately 13,700,000,000 years ago (13.7bn)

Our Solar System, approximately 4.6bn

Dinosaurs, approximately 200m to 64m years ago.

Modern human evolves about 200,000 years

Average persons lifespan, 75 years?

So who says you’re not good enough for the more expensive bass?

Channel Bill & Ted, Be excellent to each other. And… PARTY ON, DUDES!


…which is even optimistic when it comes to some of our politicians :rofl:


In fact, it is optimistic for most humans, let’s be honest!
But if we all return to monkey state, that might be all good. Civilisation is be overrated, and hunting bananas and painting horses in caves is not so bad :slight_smile:

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mmmmm bananas


Gosh, we’re going to have to go a long way back, given that apes evolved from the monkey / ape common ancestor, something like 20m years ago :wink:

We are an ape. Monkeys and apes are both primates, and have a common ancestor

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I just explained to my niece and nephew that I am but a shaved monkey when they wanted to know where I’m from. They really loved the thought (and we made monkey noises for 7 days straight, much to their parents dismay) .

Also, it was surpisingly easy to convince them :slight_smile:


Wow, I haven’t heard that for years!

I remember being fascinated by this book as a young teenager. The realisation the we are animals (I mean this in the biological sense, rather than people being uncouth, slobbish, or unpleasant) was a revaluation!

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