The gallop

I was playing around with this last night and was wondering which finger method do you think works best or is it one of those whatever works best for you?


Just to be sure - we’re talking about Bass, right? :joy: Your text just got me laughing a bit. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Can you get a bit more precise, please? :slight_smile: I’m sure you mean plucking technique for your right hand, don’t you? And you wanna walk your index and middle finger like a gallop over the Bass strings, right?
How far are you in Josh’s B2B course? :slight_smile:

What I can recommend you as a basic practice is to do this:
Pluck alternating whole notes, then half, then quarter, then eighth, and finally sixteenth notes of a tone. And keep in mind to make the plucking perfect, so that you don’t take one finger twice.

And Galloping is quite the rhythm you go for example in
Europe - Final Countdown

Wish ya all the Bass :v::wink:


I should’ve mentioned I was listening to Maiden at the time lol. Just starting mod 8.


Luckily, there’s a BassBuzz video for this :grin:


Must’ve missed that, thanks


I’d say the tricky bit for me is switching plucking fingers around. When you bass-gallop, you have groups of three, so you’d always need to think of two groups to get back to your starting finger on the plucking hand.

You can do neat stuff like this:

In the first bar, you end on the first finger, shift frets and I would start with the first finger in the next bar. Then, the second beat, i.e. 3-0-3-[], is another time I’d stop on the first finger and reset to the first finger for the next beat. It felt easier to keep track of it like this.

I love that little rhythm, by the way.
Daka daka dadumda – daka daka dakadaaa! :smiley:


It’s always good anytime to listen to Maiden!


I have the hal Leonard extreme metal bass book, and there’s a page on this using three finger plucking I find helpful/easier. Steve Harris only used two figures, so this is obviously not required.