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Yeah I think part of that was phone mic. In person it sounded different for sure, that’s the problem with live mic recording without a DAW. Sounds good to your live ear, but what you capture sounds different and you can’t mix at all!

Come to think of it, this was the first iteration when I came up with it, I think the mids and Bass were cut and treble was up quite a bit. Was a different phone, but yeah the low frequency with that effect gets muddy.


One I just did today about 5 minutes ago.


I’ll redo the guitar part lay down a lead track and do vocals tomorrow…hopefully


Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Here is a little work in progress. Most of my playing is like 20 minutes of practicing and 10 minutes of some “music making”. The bass in this is “bubbly”, sloppy and overall … exactly how I expected it to sound after a week with a bass, but hey, the bass sound in there is me playing, not midi or sample and as such I am over the moon about it. :grin: I am starting the orchestral arrangement now and after that the daunting task of recording the bass as I envision it to sound and posting it for others to hear.

As I mentioned it’s a first try so I know that there’s nothing to write home about, but I guess we all know the urge to share even the tiniest progress, so unashamedly I am sharing it here.

Thanks and keep rock’n’rollin.

Listen to Alternative Reality Draft 1 by Bohemian Dreamin’ on #SoundCloud


I like this, gives me some 80’s post-punk / gothic vibes.

Nice touch with crowd in the background :rofl:


Thanks, it actually has a reason. The track is about the alternative reality of dreaming we don’t want to wake up from. So, it’s a part of the dream sequence, I hope it will make more sense with the vocal part.


Nice, I actually like it as instrumental as well.

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Oh yeah I like this very much, it’s right up my alley style-wise. Nice use of synths. What are you using there and for drums?


Thanks, Howard. Synths? It’s really just a Poly D, Moog clone from Behringer. (We can hate on Uli as we want, but Behringer synth division is great … and probably the only chance to own CS80. Take my money already!!!) For strings etc. it’s … BBC Orchestra One from Spitfire audio. For e. guitars it’s Ample Sound Strat plugin through Amplitube from IK. Drums? It’s 16 bar loop I recorded with my cheap percussion pad. (Carlsbro Okto A) That’s why it’s so static, I don’t have a useful kick pedal, so kick is by hand … I want to re-record it/reprogram it, but the basic tempo will do for now and there’s a lot more fun elsewhere in the making the track atm. )

Really cool.

Behringer’s synths are fantastic. The Roland clones they make are especially spot on.

One of the guys that I ask advice from said he felt I wasn’t leaving enough space with the bass lines I write of course he said that about the guitar solos too. So I tried to leave more space and there is a short bridge near the end of this where I got creative but…so I’m hoping to do a vocal and lead track this afternoon.

Struggling with the vocal track…struggling a lot…LOL

I’ll add the vocals and start cleaning this up a bit