The original songs and compositions Laboratory

That was great Larry! I have to agree with Brian and John about the busy spots but overall its got the making of a hit! Is there a vocal to this?


yep just finished it and posting soonly


I keep going back to this and really not happy…gonna keep the instrumental part and export it as its own track and try and do something to get the vocal track to work


Not completely sold on this but its growing on me

Playing around with this I have some time this afternoon after rehearsal…this may turn into something

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GarageBand currently has 4 “brushtrain” drum loops along with 2 brush fills categorized under the genre jazz

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I don’t know what part is supposed to be crappity…

I am -V. and I would like to share my music here. I hope you like it!


Hey -V (@xlcr89 ) - I like how you let yourself explore different grooves, styles and ideas, and some of these are great stamina-building pieces as well.

I think it is great that you record them to be able to “remember” good ideas, but also learn from stuff that didn’t quite work as well - a lot of what I hear sounds like you are improvising/riffing off some initial ideas to explore variations and new ideas, accepting that some work, but others won’t. For all that, recording almost everything you play is a good study and learning tool.

I am not sure I would call these “compositions”, but that is likely up for debate :grinning: In my book, a composition would have to have a bit more structure to it, and the bits and pieces would need to be developed and refined further. I would call these “sketches” where many of those could turn into (parts of) compositions (if you also own the rights for the background tracks, of course).

Keep at it!

Haha yea those are just jam tracks I made. Well most of them. There is 1 from band lab and 1 from SBL. I do make my own for the most part. Unless I’m experimenting with something like delay or flangers where I would just queue up a drum loop or best sequencer preset.

I sometimes play along with jam tracks on YouTube which I did record but the way I was doing it only got me and the track wasn’t included I thought if I screenrecorded the YouTube player with BandLab running in the background It might include both sources. My thought there is that they would both be flowing through the 1 out put but I use Apple and they seem like an establishment the could and also WOULD have a way to separate those and only record the YouTube player with no bass lol whatevs though. If I’m slappin da bass, all is well…

As for categorization though, I had posted these on the user video guide and received a suggestion to post them here as well.
If there are certain parameters to meet though I can respect that.
Let me know if there is or could be an issue please. Lol

Thanks for the message too. You seem like your well versed in theory. I appreciate the constructive feedback. :peace_symbol::heart: Keep it tight!

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You are all good here :smile:

And, just by the way, there is no policing here, just trying to make sure things stay a bit tidy and are relatively easy to find :wink:

It’s is probably easiest to “grab” those YT jam tracks as mp3s with a suitable downloader program (e.g., Downie on Mac) and then import them in your DAW to record your addition on top of it. (If you wanted/needed to remove the bass from the original, that makes it a bit more tricky; you can find suggestions for approaches/software for that in different parts of this forum; just search for “remove bass line” or similar).

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Ooh that would be VERY handy! Thanks for the tip!

This thread needs some re-activation…

Well, here is my spur-of-the-moment recording where I try to see how easy/difficult it might be to combine bass and wind controller. I hadn’t played on that thing for almost 25 years, and wasn’t even sure it would still be working. Once I got that settled, I purchased some killer 80s/90s patches from Patchman Music and here is the first experimental result - just improvised, not composed, rehearsed or polished in any way. And my playing on the WX7 is more than rusty, to say the least. The bass is rather shoddily put down as well :wink:
Anyway, just to show that (with some effort) something cool could come out of this:


Sounds great to me (as great as fusion-y type jazz can be :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:…as you know, not my jam.
Great stuff though regardless of my dumb a$$ taste

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Ha, thanks! I didn’t have anything particular in mind, but I guess it always comes out fusion-y when I try something… :rofl:

Taste is taste - it is what it is :wink: