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Mp4 that i renamed to mp3

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It’s an mp4 file, and you renamed it as an mp3 file?

You need to convert it. Reaper doesn’t support mp4 files.


Yeah that’s not going to work.


There are several free online conversion programs. Cloud convert etc.


The best freeware converter is called Handbrake. It’s free, easy to use and works with every format and file.


I finally got my Motu M2 and I have a question.

Motu recommends a sample rate of 44100 and block size of 256.

This video, Reaper DAW 101:- The Basics - PART 1 (linked earlier by @PamPurrs) recommends a sample rate of 48000 and block size of 128.

What are the best settings for making cover videos?


Either sample rate will work fine.

The block count you can tune for latency. In general, I would suggest trying 256 and if you don’t notice the latency, use that.

Reaper displays the exact latency to expect in the upper right of the window while ASIO is active.

The lower you go with the buffer size, the more CPU intensive the recording will be, and at some point you will start dropping samples. But the smaller the buffer, the lower the input latency. It’s a tradeoff.


Thanks, Howard.


Quick gear rundown: Kiesel Osiris with SCP (P) neck pickup and RSC (J) bridge pickup. Fender Rumble 100 amp. Berhinger UM2 DAI connected to amp’s XLR line out. Reaper v.6.64 x64 DAW.

I am new to DAIs and DAWs, and especially new to Reaper. The Kiesel RSC (Radiused Single Coil) pickup is noisy. On top of that, every bass I own picks up noise from my PC when it’s close. Because I sit close to the PC when recording, I’m getting PC static in the background, and if I’m using even a little bit of the bridge pickup I’m getting 60 cycle buzz.

Is there a setting or plugin or something I can do with Reaper to filter out or reduce that background noise? It’s not bad, at all, it’s just there… and I don’t want it to be there.

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The PC static should not be being recorded.
Any pickup/bass electronics hum noise etc will.
You should look to eliminate/minimize this.
Do you have a really good grounded power feed and conditioner like a Furman?

Here is a good place to start on reducing your noise floor.