This one is going to be REALLY hard to pass on. I hope it’s gone soon, or I am a goner!

This is beautiful, BRAND NEW, and could probably get it for close to 1/2 price.

All that said, I am in love with this bass. I have not played this specific model, but older models of the similar to same thing, and they are amazing, and I love them.

ESP LTD B-4E. List $699
Brand NIB with the Sam Ash band still around the neck.
Asking $450, willing to negotiate.
I may go crazy if I don’t at least offer $375 or $400 and see if I can have it.

What am I getting myself into. I love it, I have a hard tome passing up great deals, and I have always wanted an ESP. Guitar before, bass now.

I hope it’s gone already.
But I hope it’s not
But I hope it’s gone
But I hope it’s not.

If I get this for $400, I can take the Ibanez SR300 that I bought used, arriving on Friday, back to GC.
Or I couldn’t. Lol
I mean it’s not orange. The SR300 is.
This one reminds me of my custom Carvin guitar I had built for me back in the day.
X wife sold it while I was away. Ohhh would be nice to have a bass version.


I think you caught a really bad case of G.A.S. there, @T_dub

Take two aspirin, and call us in the morning :wink:


ESP are great and I especially like the B4’s, nice buy :slight_smile:

This is their custom shop here in Tokyo:

lots of temptation in there and their other stores.


Yeah @Jazzbass19, chances of me getting this are extremely low to nil. I posted mostly to post it cuz it’s a great bass at a great price, and although it would probably appease the GAS demon living in my brain for a good long time ( for Basses at least). I doubt I will pull the trigger, or even make contact.
Then again…


Be strong. Resist this… you can do it. Reserve the budget for something you need more… an orange amp maybe?

Weigh your options! :grin:


My first thought was, Why would they not return to Sam Asgh for the full refund of $699 plus tax.

Then some research. Found out it is a 2017. It was still $699 new, and reverb has a used2013 just like it (Indonesia, color scheme) for $600 plus tax and ship.
So it’s a great deal, that is probably beaten. In a closet or garage in this original box, long past the return time limit.

Oh so tempting…

They answered me.

Still have it…
I am very glad it’s not a 10 min drive.


Was that similar to the HH1 by any chance?

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Honestly, it was back in like ‘92 when I ordered it, and I don’t recall the model. It was a strat style guitar, Kota wood, oil finish, neck thru,
Double humbuck, active pick ups with. Gold Hardware. It was sweet. I paid $666 for it, true story.
Keisel guitars, who made Carvin charges about$2000 and u for the same build today.

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Ah, okay. In 1992, the HH1 didn’t exist yet, and its designer played a bespoke Ibanez… wait, I’m wrong. It wasn’t the HH1 yet, but it sure looks like a Kiesel.

I think I need to look further.

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Yeah, not what I had. Mine had a headstock.
TBH, I am not partial to headless Basses or Guitars.

That is an interesting one tho

Give in to your desires and come over to the dark side of the bass. :smiling_imp:

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They may not be lookers, but you’d be amazed how nice it is to have one when you’re on tour.

Sometimes, when you open a hard case that comes out of transport, one of the components of the guitar that is supposed to be an integral, non-separate part of the instrument, appears to be somewhere else than you would want it to be. It’s almost invariably the same part…

For Allan, that was the #1 reason to want his guitar to be headless (by design, not by accident).

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I am sure they have their uses and purpose, and biters, I just can’t get past the look however.

I have one, Love it!!


Show it! :blush:


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I for one would not turn down a Status Graphite :slight_smile:

Not all of them are headless. But those that are don’t bug me at all.


I must apologize, I misread

mine is a D5


Jeez! D4


Nice ESP!


That is Beautiful @Poppi !

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