Thomastik Infeld Bass Strings

Here in the US, depending on the set you buy, these strings go for $50-$140.

I know some of you have bought them.
So, what do you think?
Are they the best strings ever?
Will you buy them again?


Don’t know about the best strings ever but I do really like the set I have.
Nice tone,very easy to play and after their initial stretching they’re always in tune .

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Would you buy them again?

On sale definitely. Full price probably not

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I have used two types of these, the flats and the rounds.
They are amazing strings that I dislike immensely.
They are very polarizing, you either totally love them or you hate them, because they are very different.

So what did I not like?

  • they are thinner, may mean nut work to eliminate so buzz in the slots (I had this issue on the A. It also means, at least to me, there was not that “Deep Talking Bass” sound (at least for the flats, that is now my favorite. The G string felt and sounded like a guitar string, not a bass string. I like my basses, well, bassy. My treble knobs don’t get much use.
  • the nylon core gives an entirely different feel / tension, felt foreign to me. Would I have changed my mind over time, maybe, but I found other strings I liked more.
  • replacement cost is high, so since I didn’t love them, I didn’t see the need to have extra cost in replacements

It was an expensive experiment but did help the journey. I gave the flats away to @PamPurrs and @MC-Canadastan. Maybe they can share their thoughts with them.


@eric.kiser I got them from @John_E through his good grace to gear them forward. They are destined for my DIY fretless frankenjazz with humbucker soapbars (when I get that built). In the meanwhile, I put them on my P-bass to try out. They are super smooth and easy to play (easier than the GHS precision flats I normally have on the P). I didn’t have the nut problems that John had. However, for me they are a little too slinky for the P, but going by feel and “treblyness”, they’ll be perfect for a fretless jazz.


I played them for awhile on my ESP, but the silk on the G string broke so I had to revert to the LaBellas. I wasn’t able to play them long enough to form an opinion one way or the other, unfortunately.
I thought about putting the E A & D strings back on the ESP now that I’ve got it setup for BEAD, but when I discovered the price of adding the B string :scream_cat: I quickly changed my mind.


I have both the rounds and the flats on one of my basses, and, while expensive, they are amazing sounding strings, and will probably last much longer than others, and thus the higher price equals out. (If you buy them, try them and DON’T like them, then, of course, it is going to hurt :grin:)

As for the gauges - they are “lighter” mostly when it comes to the rounds, and in general they try to go for balanced tension:

I have for rounds: 43-51-68-89

I have for flats: 43-56-70-100-136

The generally lighter gauge for especially the rounds took me a while to get used to (and I needed to adjust the PU height to compensate a bit), but now after having played them for about 10 months, I would buy them again, as they play very effortlessly and sound great. (But, yes, I also have another bass strung with more regular gauge strings).

The flats are on my fretless and sound amazing. I expect them to stay on that bass for a loooong time, but I would probably buy them again as well. I am not an expert in flats, but they probably sound less thud-y than other flats, a bit brighter…

Best strings ever? I don’t really want to go there, but they are really, really good!

One thing to keep in mind: they are round core strings and so require a bit more care when installing.

As for prices here in Europe: the 4 string round wound set cost about 57 Euros (67 USD) and the 5 string flat set cost about 77 Euro (90 USD).


Yes, I guess that is true :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

this is true for the rounds, but not necessarily for the flats (see also my other post with the actual gauges)

As far as I know, those are NOT for electric basses… only for acoustic basses… just to avoid any confusion here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ah, ok, I put the rounds on an AE fretless for a hot minute and then moved to La Bella tapes


@John_E and @eric.kiser see this thread.

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I agree with @John_E you either love it or hate it. I have a set of magnecore they are beautiful and high quality but lighter gauge so you got to raise the action a bit and when you dig in you’d get some buzz. It requires some finesse to bring out the personality, this would not be the strings I use in a live application for sure, but that’s me.


They do have a stard gauge set called Infeld with the 45, 65, 85, 105.

When deciding to get them why didn’t any if you try those?


I don’t think they either had them then or I didn’t find them and was too dopey back then to know what i was doing.
Infield is the second half of the company name btw.

Either way, knowing La Bella is in my hometown, I try to support them at every turn.


Have you ever been to the LaBella facility? I’m trying to picture how large it is.
I ordered a single tape wound string 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for it. Their story is, “I have to wait until they manufacture it”. I’m on the verge of cancelling the order if it takes much longer.


I actually prefer the slightly thinner strings @eric.kiser so I didn’t look at any other options


I am sure they are cool strings too, but for some reason their standard “jazz” rounds are more popular… it could just be a self-perpetuating thing.

Also, the Infeld strings are hex core, and so, perhaps people think they are not “different” enough to other brands to warrant the extra price!?!

Here some thoughts (not entirely unbiased) on all the T-I strings for bass (and sound samples):


It’s not the size that matters :roll_eyes:

They are having, like everyone else, supply and employment issues. And they took on string making orders for other manufacturers to stay afloat, so the special order stuff is getting delayed further.

Others have the same issues.
MJC Ironworks was down for a couple weeks because they couldn’t get wire. Yadda yadda yadda. Then they have to fill the bigger orders first, then the special orders.

It’s the way of our world now.