Thought I was doing pretty well until

Single Pluck Disco Octaves…

Well, I WAS doing pretty well up until this lesson.
Now I feel like a 1st lesson rookie once more. LOLOLOLOL!!

Well, the only thing I can do is slow it WAY, WAY down and practice.

Back to it.|
See ya in a few days…



Octaves were rough for me at first. Now I barely think about them, and tbh, I didn’t even really practice them after the octave lessons lol. You’ll get it!


Believe it or not, Double Pluck Disco Octaves is the easier workout! Tons of people have trouble with the Single Pluck workout. Get through the slow workout, and regain your confidence with Double Pluck. :slight_smile:


It’s still a bit of my kryptonite.
I need to work this out one day.


Yep, the single pluck lesson is stumping me.
BUT, I’m taking it VERY slow. 1------2------3------4 .
Its coming!

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That’s the only way, until it isn’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


I finished the course two years ago and I still can’t do the disco octaves fast workout.

Mostly, it’s because repeatedly doing octave plucking bugs my fretting hand; hurts after a while. Not sure why.

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Try playing Paranoid at speed


I practice those once in a while on “Heart of Glass” as they are not the entire song like normal disco business. I am sure it will come if I put the time in and care enough. So far, nope.


Yeah same thing happened to me during the Billie Jean song. I can BARELY do the slow version. I’m gonna keep at it though and hopefully I’ll be able to do the fast version. Practice and practice some more.

@JoshFossgreen I’m sure you will be covering scales in the course but I’ve been wanting to practice major and minor scales and pentatonic major and minor as well. I saw the YT vid you did and the PDF of notation (sheet music) but that was too advanced for me. Your video and others I found on YT were too fast and didn’t go into enough detail about which strings and frets to use. I’ll scan ahead to the future modules / lessons for this info. The diagrams in PDF format that I’ve found online are also too confusing.


Here man all the scales you could want with simple box diagrams showing the root and pattern


@Old_WannaBe THANKS!! :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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@Old_WannaBe I printed this out and honestly I’m looking at this and I’m a bit confused. Are these all starting on the first fret? Is the dark / bold black horizontal line underneath the word of each diagram representing the nut? I realize that the blank little square can be filled in with any key which probably means that these can be anywhere on the fretboard but I’m confused. LOL

They are moveable. Pick a key and put the open square on the root note.

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That is a really nice post, @Old_WannaBe . . . :slight_smile:

I’ll bookmark it, thanks . . . :wink:



Yikes! Crazy as it seems, it’s been three years, not two. Still can’t do Disco Octaves :slight_smile:

Just got this today:


Oh yeah, those octaves are killers.


Yes, the thick black line should represent the nut. the left most string would be the E string, the rightmost is the G.
If you turn the diagrams counterclockwise, you would get the more common orientation with the E string at the bottom, just like in tabs, for example.


That one is a killer. It’s there, you’ll find it. Go slow. That’s actually a part of my warm-up everyday because it was difficult. I played it maybe 600+ times before i felt like i had it good.

Several of these lessons are stretch lessons. Consider them goals. If you feel like upward progress is stalled, work laterally a little bit. You’ll find your limit is further than what you thought. I promise you.

Don’t get discouraged. You can do this. Keep plucking.


I’m sticking with it.
Played till my arthritis told me to stop. I’ll be at it again this morning.

Slower is faster.
Persistence counts for everything.


I once posted a question to Josh that i realized later was very silly. He replied with patience and kindness. That’s a lesson in that for me. It’s that being kind and understanding to yourself is as important as being kind and understanding of others.

Having started this at 50 with zero musical experience and plucking fingers that were crushed and didn’t ever come back good, i can understand the difficulty.
It can can be disappointing, it can be frustrating. Much like golf, i find myself running through the whole spectrum of emotions at an accelerated pace.
For me, i had to slow it down. I Can’t learn at the pace of a teenager. My hands are arthritic And old.

Don’t try to force it, my friend. It’s coming, i promise you. No sense practicing until it hurts, because then you got frustration and hurty hands.

Take breaks from it, get plenty of rest between practice sessions. And you can always play something else that you’ve got locked in to realize how far you’ve already come. Because, baby- you’ve come a long way!

Don’t let this bother you. You got this. Keep Making noise!