Top 10 Bassists (Who's Your Favourite?)

I love that tune! I covered it on my personal Youtube channel years ago, unfortunately the Record Company Powers That Be decided that nobody can see it because of copyright blah blah. (nevermind any arguments about fair use).

EDIT: I see @muff posted the tutorial video that still survives. I swear, I played the tune too, and totally nailed it! :stuck_out_tongue:


As an artist I get why controlling copyright etc is important, but when it’s a guy in his bedroom playing his favourite song, I totally fail to get the company point.

Remember Chris Hadfield playing “Space Oddity” while actually in space? Bowie had to intervene to get the record company to extend the permission for it to be on Youtube. Madness.


I’m just picturing being the person on the other end of that call.


OMG, I just read thru this entire thread and damn have I missed a ton of great musicianship with my guitar biased ears. It looks like a lot of research for me in the near future, I don’t think I can expect to be even a decent bass player without listening to and focusing on the great ones. Anyway, to the actual point of this thread, my favorite bass player (for now I guess, lol) is the late Phil Kennemore from Y&T. Not the most technical, but very versatile and a cool songwriter. He knew when to shred and when to groove and was a really cool guy.