Trouble with Higher and Higher

Hey Gang - Anyone else struggling with Higher and higher? I am having a tough time keeping up with this song. I am much better at Billie Jean than this song. Any tips?


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You’re not the first and also not the only one:

Check the lesson comments as well; in many cases, they contain valuable tips!


I had same issues, practice and give it time, it will become natural.
But dont overdo it in one sitting, and sleep over it.


FWIW, I’m on the same lesson and I have to pick: correct fretting or correct plucking. I can have only one at the moment. :confounded:

My instinct is to “next” it and revisit it later.

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My tip would be to break it down into smaller sections. It’s 2 bars that repeat. Bar one is all about the timing as you’re only fretting one note. The bar 2 is the trickier one. So VERY SLOWLY work out the mechanics of how you want to fret that bar and return to bar 1.

I’d fret it by keeping my hand in one place; first finger on fret 5, ring finger on fret 7, shift my first finger up to fret 5 on the A string, ring finger back to fret 7 and then you’re back to bar 1 with your first finger on fret 5.

I know it seems obvious but what you are doing is creating neural pathways in your brain. So by going very slowly and deliberately you are reinforcing the correct muscle memory. Then over time your speed will increase. But the basics have to be in place.

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Thank you all for the tips. I practiced it again today and I am already seeing an improvement. I appreciate the encouragement.


Not to brag, but I tried this song again this week, because it is a requirement for Super Badass status. I posted about struggling with it in December last year, and I remember moving on to the next lesson when I could eventually play it at Slow speed and somewhat decently at Medium speed. Hadn’t played it since, until this week. I had a quick glance at the tab, and I could just play it, both at Slow and at Medium speed. Fast is still a bit too much though.

The key is: don’t worry if you can’t play it right now. Keep progressing through the course, and try it again at a later time. That’s when you’ll find out how much you have improved.


Learning Bass takes both Practice and Patience. (Emphasise on patience):slightly_smiling_face:

As Josh has said many times as long as you can play the slow version that is all that is required for the course and if the slow version is too much for you at this stage just move on and come back to it later.