Upgrade Day! Anyone Else Upgrading?

That’s a sweet upgrade and I like the Bronco. :slight_smile:

Here’s my upgrade I did in the lunch break today. I bought the impact drill just for this! :wink: I’m sure I can use it later, too. The button is a Gotoh EP-B3, I like the flatter head on it.

Before this, I tied the strap to the headstock, which was not bad for balancing the guitar. Still, it’s apparently not good for the neck and the tie sometimes got caught in the tuners. Here’s to lots more rhythm guitar and singing attempts! :partying_face:


Thanks mediaklan! I can tell you from experience on the electronics that at first it seems scary. But just dive in and you’ll soon come to realize it’s really not that complicated, especially when dealing with passive set ups. There are a ton of helpful videos on youtube that will guide you through proper soldering practices and techniques. A little bit of knowledge in this area will unlock tons of possibilities for getting more out of your budget branded instrument. And it makes troubleshooting issues down the road much easier as well. Good luck and keep us posted!!


I put a zero mod thumb rest on my Darkray today!




Time for a little Hofner fettling.

Today I’m just changing strings, oiling the fretboard and setting up the bridge.

Edit: And done.
The flats really suit the Hofner, but I was surprised at how much I had to move the bridge to set the intonation. Still, it wasn’t the nightmare job I was anticipating. It’s actually quite easy to set up.

The fingerboard was very dry and porus. It needed two treatments of oil to get it clean and hydrated properly.

Future jobs: I reckon I’ll upgrade the bridge to a German one and possibly swap out the nut. The tailpeice and tuners are fine, as are the frets, so I’ll be leaving them alone.


Parts have arrived for the next round of upgrades.

  • A German Hofner bridge to replace the rather lightweight and ill fitting Chinese one.

  • A Tusq Graphite nut to replace the cheap (and too tall) original plastic nut.

  • And finally some strap locks, because I don’t want to test how well the delicate little Hofner bounces. :wink:


I recently added an Obsidian (Plug and Play) wiring harness to my P Bass. The details are further back in this thread.

Yesterday I swapped out the original P Bass pickups for some DiMarzio DP122s

I had to solder the two humbuckers together and I learnt / learned (joke for the old timers) from last time that if you tin the wire that goes into the Obsidian harness it’s easier to install it.

Total time - 30 mins.

NB - The white mark on the pick guard next to the pickup is where I’ve worn through the colour with my thumb after 2 years of playing.

Just recorded a cover this morning and I like the sound. We’ll see how they perform at band practice this week.


As I already said, a pickup swap is the best upgrade you can do to a Fender. the DP122 is excellent … now your bass have the same pickup than Greenie.


The wiring harness is not an upgrade in my opinion, it’s just super-super-expensive for what it is. CTS pots, exactly the same than the original ones I guess. A real upgrade would be to swap the 250k pots for 500k pots, because 250k are a bit shy for the DP122. It’s a $20 upgrade. But you can do it later.


Model P is one of my favorite pickups, and affordable. Someone learned you gud.


My favorite aftermarket P pickup :slight_smile:

Probably second only to the SBV P.


yeah I love it.


Recently bought a second '80’s squier P off of reverb. I have another one but my son has adopted it and it’s rarely around for me to play. This one was a little more well used than I originally thought and so (thanks to this thread) I decided to spruce it up a bit. It had some passive buzzing that was low volume and not a huge problem, but my ocd is always present, so I decided to replace controls/pickups. If the buzzing is still present after, it will be ok, just a good excuse…I fretted (pun intended) over pickups, looked at lots of YouTube stuff, finally decided on the ones below. Bridge was pitted and kinda bent in a place. Of course had to replace the strings too. Ended up using some thinner d’addario xl flats. Also bought a different pick guard since original one was pretty beat up. Otherwise the neck is great, body is in great shape. I love the bass, I just click with these older squiers. I did put the bridge on yesterday and got it set up. I feel like it sounds great. I am waiting on the obsidian wire stuff to arrive. I know I could have just done individual pots etc, but this is my first time doing this kind of thing. I wanted easy. This is a before pic…


And that pre-wired Obsidian system is so clean! Nice looking bass with some choice upgrades!

Funny how this happens. My sadness at “losing” an instrument, though, is paid back 1000x by hearing their love for music develop as they play it.

Congrats all around!


Thanks! hopefully will have everything today. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. I don’t mind about the other bass. He’s a lot of the reason I started trying to play. He’s 18. Bass has so far been a great way to stay connected.


All set up and ready to go, no more buzzing. Sounds and plays awesome to me. Pick guard fit great. Obsidian wire set up was easy to install. Pickups were same size as old ones. Very happy with the way everything turned out.


Upgraded to La Bella black nylon tapewounds on my Ibanez yesterday. Ooooooh man I love these strings. Did have to adjust the truss rod and saddle height to get rid of some new rattle/buzz. Action is still very low–user manual says 2mm for high strings and 2.5mm for low strings and they’re all sitting at 2mm (maybe 2.25mm for E and A). Need to adjust the intonation a bit with the new strings, but I’ll have to wait for a quiet house to do that as the kids making noise sometimes introduces fluctuations to my clip-on tuner.


They are great.
But so are the D’Addario.
Very different but I like them both.
Have each on a bass

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Great mod ! Congrats !

I have a PB Squier and it is great (I can’t really tell the difference with my MIM Fender Jazz which I like a lot as well)

You also changed the screws :wink: where did you get them ?


The pickguard screws came with the pickguard and worked well. Unfortunately, it was missing one screw. I just ordered these. Same company as the pickguard so I’m hoping same screws.



Upgrading the tubes on my SVT-III. My choice is :

  • V1 : RTC (made in England, NOS)
  • V2 : Electro Harmonix
  • V3 : RTC again

It’s always a good thing to own a few preamp tubes to perform some tests :grin:

(only a sample of my collection pictured for illustration purpose)