What are you listening to right now?

Supercar videos can get taken down pretty fast by their label, so watch it while you can. I love Supercar, they were one of Japan’s pioneer '90s indie rock bands.

The bass player is Miki Furukawa, who went on to a great solo career too. Her bass (which is her signature model, a SBV-800MF) is basically one of the final upgrade paths for my SBV-550.

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This fresh spin on the arrangement of Handel’s Sinfonia is actually … yeah, fire. The second part is godly. The piano part is sublime. Sorry, no bass, but someone could love it, so I share it.

Before there was Hatsune Miku, or Inoue on Bleach, there was Loituma, a Finnish folk group who released their eponymous album in 1995 including the Ievan Polkka (Ieva’s Polka)

Can not get enough of Lawrence. Gracie’s voice is a force of nature. Plus nomination for best lyric of the year, “It sucks. My brain tells me to eat a bag of dicks. And I suck at knowing when my mind is playing tricks.”

Album Version:

Acoustic-ish Version:

But they just got picked up to open for the Jonas Brothers tour (same producer in Jon Bellion). I told my daughter that the Jonas Bros are closing for Lawrence.

Bad news: It sucks because standalone tickets would have been about $70-90 and now are closer to $250.

Good news: Going to a concert with my teen daughter with music we’ll both like in November.

The Popster is back, and, back to more pop stuff.

Thanks to this forum, I found Cowboy Bebop.
Never seen the show and no nothing about it (except I heard it’s crap) but man the soundtrack is fire.

So, when a “dog fur” vinyl edition came out I said “why not, do t have any furry vinyl”


If you are into that soundtrack, might I suggest checking out some of Samurai Champloo’s stuff as well. Nujabes was a legend who pretty much pioneered lofi and he is featured heavily along with other great artists on that OST.

Animated show is great, live action is crap. As usual for anime.

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Good morning for a little Supercar.

Love Miki’s SBV tone there. FWIW that’s how mine sounds too, just a solid line of instruments.

Something Like Elvis - Cigarette smoke phantom album

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I listen to a lot of Japanese music. I can even trace it’s origins

Emi and Yumi Ito, aka The Peanuts. As a kid I was watching Ed Sullivan with my grandmother, and I was enthralled. Years later I saw Emi and Yumi as the Mothra Faeries, and I was more enthralled. When I was older and could drive, I checked out the import section at Newbury Comics and my journey to Japanese music started with an album called Pretty Little Baka Boy.

But it really started with the Peanuts (who sort of set the mold for Idols near as I can tell)

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Here is something neat:


Oldie but goodie found this week still in shrink…


Wendy was awesome.

I’ve always loved John Taylor of Duran Duran’s bass playing. They have a new song out and the bass is super-funky:

My poor daughter had to listen to this three times on the school run this morning :rofl:


Been on a massive EW kick lately, and I really want to try and get a doom/stoner band together eventually. I love that fuzzy distorted sound. And here the bass is rumbling like insane.

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Just listened to the new Wooten Brothers track. It’s funky.

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Will be seeing them on the 7th, looking forward to it.

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This one seems like the most common recommendation for recent stoner metal. I see it all the time :rofl:

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