What are you listening to right now?

Have A Project ?? Throw This On


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Yoko Kano has returned from space, and given us a new song

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Been on a real Blood Ceremony kick lately.

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So good.

(last name is Kanno, which is actually pronounced slightly differently - n’s are not silent, it’s kind of weird).

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Always loved the dub-like syncopated bassline here.

When I have seen them live, I am pretty sure I have seen this done on a bass guitar. They definitely use one live on some songs. In this show I assume it’s coming from one of the three Macbook Pros though :slight_smile:

Trivia, this bassline was later sampled by Future Sound of London for their rave hit “Papua New Guinea”.

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Oh wow. Never heard them before but I love the psychedelic/hippie vibe. Very Jefferson Airplane (just not quite Grace Slick).

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They’re great. It’s occult rock at its finest, at least for me.

Here we go.

Hero image is amusing but this is actually pretty good lightweight underground electro, hints of electroindustrial and EBM, etc. No bass guitars were harmed in this mix.

Tamu doing a cover of Life

This song has special significance to Tamu. When Tamu had her youngest child, the first gig back the band, Nemophila, turned the mics around, and sang this song to Tamu to close the set.

Yesterday, Saki, on guitar, left Nemophila to do her own thing. One can only imagine this song is a memory of better times.

Also she’s very talented.

Side note, I love how her kit at home is setup in a storage space.

What can I say, I’m flashing back to college.

Holy Smokes , Turn It Up & Show Someone Some Gratitude

Be Well ,

I blame @chris_van_hoven for this one as he posted a techno chart and it was sinfully missing this genre (Miami Deep House).

This was a massive rave/club hit in San Francisco, and I assume elsewhere, ~1992-ish. always loved this bassline, and it would translate well to bass guitar.

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I am happy to take the blame for everything that widens our horizon! Go on, @howard!

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I just LOVE the great Bunny Wailer. RIP Bunny.


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Some 88 Fingers Louie, nice bass intro that I’m going to have to figure out one day

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88-Fingers-Louie_100-Proof_v1_p.pdf (344.1 KB)

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Thank you, this should save me a lot of time and bass throwing

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Petty’s going to make a name for herself

10 years old

Now at 13

Guitar Girl Thailand indeed