What are you listening to right now?

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Wild, so her bass is from another super high quality local boutique instrument maker. Had never heard of these guys but they look awesome.

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This is an interesting feature.

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Yeah not sure how I feel about that.

Convenient, but I’ll stick with my 6-bolt I think.

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Also the neck is a Fat U, so right out for me, least favorite contour. Well it’s also $5000 so there’s that too.

I love this video, for many reasons.

  • The notion that Eldritch could pull off being an inconspicuous espionage agent
  • That sword-cane and glacier shades for extra touch
  • Lots of screen time for Patricia Morrison on bass. I think Eldritch actually played it on the album but she definitely played it live.
  • Eldritch in his “'80s action hero look” phase
  • This is the fourth most expensive music video of all time ($2.8M adjusted for inflation)

When Fami was a Youtuber she had a Bacchus signature model, now she’s in a band and I guess she’s got a new sponsor.

Love the Irish dialect!

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Good stuff from Holland!

A little newish coldwave.

…and some more straight up post-punk, this one from Uruguay.

Good bass in this one.

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I dig these kids. They’re one of the Gen Z post punk bands I found during the summer of the Covid lockdown (2020). Fontaines, Squid, Idles, another Irish band Just Mustard (shoegaze, not post punk).

I’ll be going downtown (Denver) tomorrow to catch Idles.


Love the bass in this song.

Check out the bass! Rock on!

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I’m actually quite chuffed to say I’ve almost got this bass line mastered at full speed. :sunglasses:

I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace.


Not sure how many people here listen to metal (or metalcore in this case).

But I’ve been listening to alot of Spiritbox, Queens of the Stone Age (not really metal I know) and Linkin Park.

Spiritbox - Cellar Door & Too Close/Too Late

QOTSA - My God Is The Sun & I Appear Missing

Linkin Park - Papercut & A Place For My Head


Spiritbox is making a strong run for my favorite band… I’m hoping to see them in Detroit this fall. I’d really like to see gojira too. Korn, eh.

In true millennial hipster fashion I’m on a run of three shows where I’ve been way more excited for the opening act than the headliner.

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I feel like Spiritbox Is at a point where they could easily fill smaller - mid sized venues.

I love their music. Alot of emotion is conveyed in each song and intensity varies (Nothing wrong with a bit of singing in my opinion, it’s a blessing to the ears).

I was debating going to see Korn as well with Gojira too but it would likely be the Toronto show!

Still on the fence between that and maybe travelling abroad for a week :person_shrugging:

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Love me some Linkin Park.

Just pulled up Spiritbox as I hadn’t heard of them before, and I think I’m in love. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for the new tunes.


I’m going to guess this means you also haven’t run across jinjer yet. You’re in for a treat watching this without looking up the band first: