What is it about the p-bass?

Get them hands and fingers stretching. :rofl:

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We still haven’t heard it in action. Is this the one with the Stinger pickup? That is what I am interested hearing in action.

No, that has a Quarter Pound in it. The Stinger is in my white D5


You told me that. Sorry

All good. My own fault for being lazy and not figuring out how to record

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At the end of the day if you want an immersive P bass experience you just got to get a Fender P bass. Even the Squier P bass has that Mythical power, lol.

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Hi V8: yeah, I’m right there with you. Given the number of amps that have built in effects and the number of stomp boxes available for basses, one can alter the tone of any instrument to suite their needs. I play Yamaha and G&L because I like the way the necks feel. Can’t get into P bass at all but from what I read, recording engineers like the clean unadulterated tone of the P bass coming into their console.

From an audio engineer perspective…the P Bass tone is easier to fit in the mix.

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