What podcasts are you listening to right now?

Hey y’all! Thought we should have a podcast companion thread to What are you listening to right now?, and so here it is.

I’ll start off with a few…

So many great guests on Cory Wong’s Wong Notes -

For when I want to obsessively optimize small details of being a human, Huberman Lab -

And for non-guilty guilty pleasure -


This is one I get a lot from. With episodes that long, though, I don’t need a second podcast! :wink:

I like Sam Harris’ podcast (and also a ton of great content from his Waking Up app, if you’re into that sort of thing):

And the only other one I’m currently subscribed to is this excellent podcast that shares Buddhist wisdom without all the religiosity (happens to be run by a fellow paraglider ):


i mostly listen to movie/entertainment pods, but for music by far my fave is ‘60 songs that explain the 90’s’ which actually just wrapped up its last episode of 90’s songs, and is about to transition to something else (i’m guessing ‘60 songs that explain the oughts’ but who knows). even if you do not like the song in the title of any episode, the journey the host takes you on is amazing and i so very strongly suggest giving it a try:

for non-music, by far my fave is ‘the rewatchables’ followed closely by ‘the cine-files’

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I know they’re technically competition (but let’s be honest, no one can compete with BassBuzz), their podcast is a lot of fun to listen to.


The non-music podcasts I listen to are all programming related which I’m sure everyone here would find about as exciting as watching flies fornicate.

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I’m in software - what are you listening to?

I don’t listen to any music or bass related pods. Usually when I’m walking the dogs, I’ll pop on an audiobook, a podcast for my local hockey team (Go Avs!), or this gem.

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are my two main ones. Still looking for a ReactJs podcast that I like. Problem is, the few that were good have stopped updating.

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That’s a great podcast! We had about a 13hr one-way drive at one point, and listened to this much of the way there and back. Even the kids stayed interested, and we certainly all learned a thing or two.

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