What’s going on with Pam

A couple people here have requested an update on my stipulation, so I have decided to post an update. After all, you are my friends and deserve to know @John_E and @eric.kiser are already aware, since they follow me on Facebook.
I made it a year after the removal of my tongue and larynx, and have managed to adapt to life without speech or consumption of solid foods. Everything was fine until in November 2023 a routine MRI revealed a new, suspicions spot in my lower neck. After a PETscan and a biopsy, it was confirmed to be a new cancer tumor. This is my third time, and this time it’s stage 4.
I’ve had one chemo infusion, and three more scheduled on a three week cycle, followed by another MRI to see if the cancer has responded. So at the moment, I won’t know until March what lies ahead for me. I’m hoping for a miracles, but am fully prepared to join @Jazzbass19 (Joe) in the big bass camp in the sky.
Sara and I have been preparing for her life without me, and I think she is now as prepared as she can get.
I haven’t been posting much, other than greeting new Buzzers, because I don’t have much to say that would not be depressing. As you all know, I have always tried to be as uplifting as possible.
Yesterday Jan 6 2024, the American Legion post threw a “F.U. Cancer” party for me. The band asked if I wanted to sit in on a couple songs on the bass, but I just don’t have the strength, energy, or stamina. They did sing one song especially for me, and Sara signed to it. I had a tremendous turnout at the party, and truly feel loved.
Here is a video:


Well shit, Pam. That song was perfect for you. Fuckin’ cancer.

I hope your family and friends stay close during this trying time.


I am really, really sorry to hear that, Pam. Thank you for sharing that with us. I have no words here really. It sounds like you are doing all the right things - just remember to think of yourself and your needs here too. It’s wonderful that you are surrounded by friends and family that love you.


So sorry Pam. You are in my prayers


Oh, no, this makes me sad and angry…

Thanks for sharing this, Pam - this takes courage, but you’ve got more of that than most of us here together. Not sure I could keep it together with such style and poise if I were in your shoes.

We’ll pull for a miracle, and in the meantime - enjoy it all as much as you can!

PS: kudos to your guitar buddy!!


@PamPurrs, for all you’ve done and for who you are, you are loved.


@PamPurrs is the toughest woman I’ve ever met.
If anyone can do this, it’s you Pam.

But if this round comes out to be the one, you know damn well you’ve lived your life as full as you could on every last one of your own terms, and that’s something to be proud of.

We are all here for you! So wish I could have been at your party! Nice to see so much love and support you get from whomever’s path you cross, says a lot about you.

Much love to Sara!


Thank you Pam for everything you have done for BassBuzz. You helped make this forum, and community, what it is today.


We haven’t officially met or spoken on here, but after reading your post, I wanted to say I’m very sorry to hear of your situation Pam. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You seems well loved on this forum!


The Original Bad Ass Gal, I truly hope that your get through this battle with gusto. You have done so much for the forum. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers.


Very sorry to hear this Pam. Appreciate you sharing, and you’ll be in my thoughts. Thanks for all the knowledge, positivity and music that you’ve shared along the way. Looking forward to hearing good news in March. Stay strong. Fuck cancer.


“Cancer cannot cripple love, it cannot shatter hope, it cannot conquer the spirit.”
Unknown author

Pam, I am so sorry to hear of the turn your battle with this dreaded disease has taken. You were one of the first Bass Buzzers to welcome and greet me when I joined years ago and I’ll always remember that. You inspired me immensely in bass playing and in life. You’ll be in my prayers always to beat this. :pray: :heart:


Fuck that’s a hard read. I’m truly sorry to hear this. But never give up hope, there’s always hope. People with worse have beaten it and so will you!

Cancer is such a bitch. I’ve lost family members to it and also friends. Fuck cancer!


Sh!t, @PamPurrs. While we have never interacted, I have read many of your posts and keep returning to your two videos on how to record yourself - still haven’t nailed it, but that’s on me and my lack of focus!

My heart and thoughts are with you.



So sorry to read this. You’ve been through a lot already and now this? Stay strong and hopeful. You can beat this!

You are in my prayers.


@PamPurrs Pam sorry to hear about your medical tribulations its Eric from Canada we chatted on a few of the video get togethers we had a few years back I have been off the forums due to personal life obligation so just getting caught up on things and again Im sorry but here’s to you kicking cancer’s ass!! Thanks for the update and take care…




I’m so sad to read this … I really hope there will be a favorable outcome

Thank you for the update @PamPurrs , finger crossed



This breaks my heart Pam. I wish you and Sara the very best. No one defines badass like you.


Thank you so much for the update.
Damn damn damn and all the swears.
You are the Badass of badasses.