What song are you currently/next "working on"?

Inspired by @JoshFossgreen’s recent instructional video reminding us to learn songs or (at least) study elements of songs to expand our own vocabulary, I thought it could be helpful if we shared interesting songs to learn/study here. I am 100% sure that I personally don’t know a lot of songs out there that could both be instructional and fun to learn.

In order not to just dump a long list of songs all at once, I suggest to only occasionally post, when you are, in fact, starting to learn/study a particular song. Maybe you are a fast learner and it takes you only a day or two before picking up or new one; or, you need a week or two to wrap your head around a more tricky one…

Also, it is probably beneficial if there were tabs or sheet music along with the song, or - extra points - if you transcribed the bassline/melody yourself!

I’ll start off with this little gem offering plenty of rhythmic challenges (and, thus, might take me more than the time I can allot to it in one week):


Excellent song choice.


Great topic!

As is probably obvious from my posts in the Zoom thread, I’m working on The Small Print.

Drop D-licious.



Good idea for a topic, @joergkutter

I’ve been working on this one for awhile:

It’s also included in the “First 50 Songs” book from @JoshFossgreen’s course. The tabs all seem to agree, but I still can’t get Entwistle’s different solos down exactly.

I can play my “own” version of them, fwiw :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe


I like their bass. At first I thought it was a Warwick Corvette but there’s some differences.

Turns out it’s a Washburn Taurus T-24, which is pretty clearly inspired by Warwick (down to the tuning pegs) but is much less expensive. Sounded great to me.


PS: Almost forgot: once y’all nailed a song, it is time to post the results on @terb’s Cover thread!! :smile:


Or got as close as you can?


Yeah, in here, everything should be seen as coming with an “-ish” qualifier! :wink:


this thread is some kind of spoiler of the cover thread :joy:


Au contraire, mon ami, au contraire!!

It’s called synergy - it should be feeding right into your thread! :smile:


I hate to spoil the unveiling when I post in “Post your Covers”, but I’m working on “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream. and “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Albert King. Both oldies but goodies.


Pretty Pink Ribbon, by Cake. It’s from Mod 11, Lesson 5, and that’s actually where I first heard the song. The bassline is simple, but catchy, only thing needing some practice is the speed of 120bpm continuously without f*@king up. That, and the recommended fingering - the ring and pinky combo thing still needs some work! There are no bass tabs to be found online though, other than Songsterr, so will have to just trust those for now…


I’m on a few, and this is one of them


The Washburn has been around far, far longer than Warwick. Pretty much like Hans Pilfer stole from Spector, he had to copy Washburn also


Wow, thanks for the history there, I had no idea.

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I have 3 that I pulled off UG. Phil Collins- Easy Lover and Something happened on the way to heaven. They will take some effort. The live YouTube videos of both have Leland Sklar as his bassist. He makes it look like Harry Potter meets Phil Collins. The 3rd is Sailing by Christopher Cross, fun, easy, and I mess it up every time I play it. Never in the same spot.


Add this to the list. Bonus points for singing along.


I have a sneaking suspicion that it is going to be Billy Jean

Oh man. Ling Colour’s first two albums are still amazing. They went from playing small clubs to being the opening band for the Rolling Stones. Then things fell apart. Muzz, the bass player, even went back to being a fireman. They’ve done some music since then but it isn’t what it was.

Edit: Turns out Muzz’s return to being a fireman was either short lived or was just bad information. He’s still making music but not with Living Colour.