What song are you currently/next "working on"?

Working on “Warning” and “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath at the moment. I was already working on recording Paranoid on guitar when I got my bass, so I’ll go back and re-record the bass line as I learn it now. I’m hoping to completely learn the guitar solo (would be the first non-mellow guitar solo I ever learned completely) but it’s hard for me. I started working on learning and recording Warning when I got my new bass last week, as it’s long been in my top 3 bass line songs. Will probably take a stab at the guitar on that tune as well.


So I’ve been “working on” I Will Survive by Cake, while simultaneously “working on” Mahna, Mahna and Slither. (Thanks ADHD) I’m 90% there with I Will Survive, just need to avoid shiny musical squirrels and get it done.

That said, I also make it a point to work on things that are aspirational. Like I’ll just play the repeating 12 notes in Come On Come Over, over and over, just to get them under my fingers. No chance of me covering that anytime soon, but seeing even minute progress is fun.

Last night I decided to take a swing at Hysteria. After a bit more practice this morning, I’m beginning to think this might actually be doable. Eventually.


Sounded good, seems like if you get the endurance you have it licked. Easier said than done I know.


Thanks man! I’m gonna need a lot of practice to tighten it up, learn the rest of it, and build up the endurance for it. I’m nowhere close, but can see a path to it.


Definitely doable!!

And awesome to have these “man-on-the-moon”, long-term projects like the odd Jaco tune :wink:


That’s some awesome finger works there. Takes discipline do alternating properly.


Radar Love by Golden Earring.

I’ve been spending the last couple months focusing hard on technique and such (scales, memorizing the fretboard, proper muting, etc) and wanted a quick/fun one. The notes are easy but the timing is really odd in some parts.

Also good for building up hand strength, as it turns out. The song is a surprising marathon with very few places to rest and shake out the hand.


Very cool, @fennario !
I wish I also had ADHD if that makes me tackle that song! I was just browsing for Hysteria covers (love that song!!!) and stumbled over this.


I’m going to take Ritalin now, so I’ll be better at playing bass :slight_smile:
(Though one one of the side effects is loss of inhibitory control - my friends say I should not get any worse, if that is possible at all ^^)


Yeah, Ellen is so fantastic! I love the smile that lights up her face just before the end when she knows that she’s nailed the take.


LOL - I had to rewatch your video. Not the very sweet smile of Ellen, but it still made me giggle ^^


Are friends electric by tubeway army… some very cool 7th arpeggios in the middle :upside_down_face:
Almost there……

Are Friends Electric Tubeway Army [EADG].pdf (461.7 KB)

Thanks Chris….Wish I had that before, had to work the song out by myself… :grin: Well I was not to far off and had a good exercise transcribing!

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Cool! My first cover I posted was “Down in the Park.” Love Gary Numan :slight_smile:


Working on some “pocket” playing:



Unsound by the best band in Canada The Headstones. Its going to be the first song I try to figure out by ear