What songs are you working on?

This may be someplace else in the forum but I couldn’t find it. So since I started playing bass about two months ago I have challenged myself to learn whole songs everyday or every other day depending on time. Then there are songs that I am working on that I have to take in chunks because of technicality. I began learning Tool’s Schism today, and Rancid’s Maxwell Murder. I have to build up to some of the really challenging stuff of the virtuoso solo bass players. Let’s see what y’all are learning and it might inspire us to try some different music.


This one perhaps: What song are you currently/next "working on"? :grin:


Yep that would be the one lol


Right now I’m working on a bass cover from juliaplaysgroove of Anderson .Paak’s song Come Down. And I’m working on Autumn Leaves.


Whats up! By for non blondes. I always loved Linda Perry’s music.


So about 7 months ago I was playing golf with some Dead Heads…they mention they’re Bass Player of 30 years had to quit…the Rhythm Guitar player was filling in…I mentioned I played the drums, but that I could probably learn the bass… so I took Josh’s class and finished it in about 5 months…I told the Lead Guitar player around Christmas that I have learned to play the bass…sent me a 384 pg PDF of Guitar Tabs for Grateful Dead Songs and gave ne a list of 7 songs to learn. Josh taught me well…I first played each song with just whole notes on the roots…then I clapped my hands to determine the song rhythm and played it on the just the root…and then I listened closer to the melody added root, 3rd & fifths for harmony.
Well last night I sent him my bass cover compositions for all 7 songs…today we jammed to 3 of them…they must have been good…I’m going to play with the lead every week until May when the Summer Jam Sessions begin again.

Below are samples of my bass covers that are still in progress… Bertha is as basic as you get and China Cat ups the game with 1/8th note rhythm, and harmony. Fire on The Mountain is a great song to explore Triads chord tones and chord inversions the song is in cut time (75 bpm) uummmm thats fast- so I’ve written the triad bass lines over 2 measures (or 1/2 time of cut time) and eventually will play these triad bass lines over the 2 beats of each bar.