What strap locks do you use Josh?

I see that Josh uses strap locks on his bass strap, what brand name are those?

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Hey @JoshFossgreen, what kind of strap locks do you use?

I think he uses Schaller strap locks, but don’t quote me on that. There’s probably somebody on here that’s been eyeing Josh’s strap locks and will chime in, if Josh doesn’t beat them to it.

I thought I saw Dunlop on his Peavey when I was first starting with his videos, but maybe he switched. @AnotherJosh uses Schaller :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now that I think about it, I think Josh has more than one brand spread over his different basses.

I think he does have Dunlops in the lesson videos. But he recently played a Jazz I the newest slap video, and I noticed the locks looked like Schaller S locks.

IMO, Schaller S are the way to go.

I have Schaller and Ernie Ball. I love the EB’s

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Tried a few, Schallers are my favorite.


The bassist for AFI just uses a big washer and a screw. If I ever feel the need to make sure my straps don’t come off I’ll probably just do this.

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Why? Strap locks are cheap, well made, and allow you to share one strap between basses.


So far in my bass journey I have not yet been in a situation where my straps have needed locks.
I have a strap for each bass.
If I did need to make sure my straps were super secure I’d have no problem spending the 50 cents or so on a couple screws and washers, which I think would be more secure than any other option.
I’d prefer the look over most strap locks. I think I only have one bass I wouldn’t go the washer route, but I probably wouldn’t put locks on it either, because I like how it looks as is.

No one ever is until the first time they drop one :rofl:


That’s the truth, Howard.

But whatevs. Folks pays their money, they takes their chances.

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otherwise, if you don’t want strap locks, there are rubber locks like this :

or the great Dunlop Lok system :

very cheap, very efficient, and way more flexible than regular metal washers.


Fair enough. But I still don’t see why I would need strap locks over a simple washer. Whether it be a rubber washer or a metal washer.

Real strap locks are very comfortable when you have to change the strap on an instrument quickly, like in some live situations. Otherwise, the rubber washers (or the better Dunlop Lok system) works well too. It’s very cheap. It’s a good solution, really, if you’re looking for the easy way.


The whole reason I started using straplocks was to remove the strap quickly to put my bass back in the case. You haven’t heard me play yet, sometimes I need a fast getaway.


I have the Fender brand, and I think this us the cheapest/best solution if you are just worried about dropping your guitar. PITA to remove and put back on for travel though. I wish I had a roadie.


yeah that’s for this reason that the real strap locks are more comfortable :smiley: the Dunlop Lok is a good compromise


Movement on the body is better with straplocks too, since they don’t use compression to keep the strap on the guitar and allow rotation of the strap on the button.


I haven’t seen these before. I’ll have to look into them. I usually don’t take my straps off.