What strings is everyone using?


In the quest for that elusive tone I hear in my head, I’m always on the look out to try new strings. Current I’m using the new GHS Balanced nickel strings on my Sterling Ray 34 and DR Fat Beams on my Peavey Cirrus. What have you all been playing?


My Musicman Cutlass came with Ernie Ball Super Slinky’s and I’ve been really happy with the tone I’m getting.


La Bella flats on the Mustang. OEM strings on the Fender J.


I’ve been slavishly dedicated to using Elixir medium gauge roundwounds on my Cirrus for many years. I should probably try something else out just for fun! But I love how long they last and how smooth they feel. I do feel curious about something with a little more sizzle though.

And I’ve got big ol heavy gauge La Bella flats on the P bass of course, to maximize the effectiveness of my Jamerson impression. :slight_smile:


I have D’Addario Chromes on my Squire PJ bass. It really changed the sound. It now sounds to me like that old school bass that I love to hear. I also love the way the feel!


Oh, bass strings.
You expensive, giant, expensive things, you.

I’m using D’Addario nickel wound on my Modulus 5 (it’s so bright, steel strings make it sound like a buzzsaw), DR sunbeams on my P-bass, and DR Highbeams on my J Bass. I love the DRs.

I’m also extremely sensitive to the tension of the strings. I had to move away from the Elixirs and some steel-wound strings because they were just too tight.


I’d love to hear some recordings of The LaBella flts on a Mustang! Post some grooves!!


I’m still trying to pick my way through Billie Jean. Lol!


Ha! No worries, and no rush. But, maybe… one fine day.


I will come up with something easy and put it down for posterity. Why not? :grinning:


Hell to the yeah. Why not indeed. Listen to some Tom Petty for some inspiration in simple, perfect basslines. I swear, that Ron Blair guy never plays a note too many… very inspiring.
Also - old Honky Tonk country tunes. Those basslines are always perfect, simple, and super groovy.
I’m looking forward to cheering on your Mustang groovage!


Thanks. My drum instructor tells me the same thing. Tom Petty is your man for simple, playable beats and fills. :grinning:


I’m using ernie ball round wound. I haven’t really noticed a big enough difference between different brand to warrant using one brand over another


That’s a good point. Recently I’ve been having issues with my D and G strings being as loud as my E and A. So the first thing I changed was the strings and now think I didn’t need too. I’ve changed my pedal board around and added a compressor so we’ll see how that goes.


Could be a pickup height thing too? You could try bringing the G string side up a bit and see what that does for you (or E string side down, depending).


Josh & Bass Buzz - has anyone thought about doing a nice beginner bass set-up video? I think that, over the years of playing and teaching, that a series of videos on truss rod set up, saddle/intonation set up, pickup height set up, and putting on strings would be INVALUABLE! And that’s all caps, so - you know I’m REAL SERIOUS!


I’m with you on this one. Sometimes students will ask me if it’s time to get a new bass, or if they should use different strings / different amp / etc.
I think that you’ll know when to change, and what to change to when you hear the new/different sound, and it is clearly better/funkier/cooler - whatever. When you’re hearing a difference, it makes sense. Otherwise - go with whatever you can afford. That’s been my approach to strings since day one, and it has been very helpful - particularly on upright strings!!


Yeah, we have talked about that! It’s such a huge topic, we’d probably have to enlist the expert help Dr. Kent Fossgreen at the very least. :slight_smile:


I’m taking a crack at setting up my J bass. I’m a member of TalkBass, and there are helpful articles and videos there, that I’ve been using.


Hi everyone I purchased a fender elite jazz bass to start the course I’m not sure what strings came with it but I switched to elixir 40-95 and and happy with the lighter gage so far