Whatcha Watchin'? The TV Thread

This week’s Ahsoka was utterly great.

The Clone Wars sequence was so well done. Ariana Greenblatt nailed young Ahsoka and the makeup artists make Hayden look spot on like Clone Wars Anakin. And… Rex!

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Started watching the new One Piece on Netflix. After the massive disappointment of Cowboy Bebop, I didn’t have high hopes. On top of that, I didn’t really watch the original animated series as it came a while after my time. When I was in the target demographic it was the the Ranma, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Machine era of anime.

But I digress, I found out the original creator insisted on full creative control so I decided to give it a shot. Glad I did. This series is what the Cowboy Bebop remake should have been. No toning down anything for “western audiences”. It is as over the top and insane as it should be. It’s Pirates of the Caribbean on acid. It’s not going to win any awards for artistic endeavors but damn it’s fun to watch.

Interesting. Commercials for One Piece are playing on billboards outside my office window all the time. I kind of had low hopes (some of the stuff with Luffy looked pretty WTF) but actually if it is good that’s great :slight_smile:

Another one that did well with Live Action was Rurouni Kenshin.

Space Battleship Yamato was… a mixed bag. They opted to go full Battlestar Galactica Remake gritty and it actually kind of worked, but it was not the same vibe.

I had low hopes for Bebop and was still sad to see it was so bad. Yoko Kanno and Shinichiro Watanabe are two of my favorite people in anime and to see that flop was a bummer. The animated version is awesome.

Me too, I haven’t really watched much since the early 2000s.

Between Deathnote and Cowboy Bebop, Netflix hasn’t exactly had a good track record with their live action remakes so far. Turns out all they needed to do was respect the original version. Who knew?

I think the biggest thing One Piece has going for it is that they didn’t even try to ground it in reality in any way, shape or form (unlike Pirates of the Caribbean which still tried to be realistically stylized for the most part). Tossing physics and reality in general out the window lets them get away with anything they want.

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Honestly the most interesting live action anime thing going right now is actually a marketing stunt. The idea to have “BanG Dream!”'s voice actresses form real life bands and do shows (and work those in to the ongoing anime’s plot as if they had happened in it, depending on how they go) was brilliant.

It’s too bad they are all terrible :rofl:

It’s really hard to go from animated to live action. Just ask Fred Flintstone (a a host of other flops).

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Two words. Rurouni Kenshin

(with Judy and Mary theme one of the best anime themes ever)

Yeah I have seen that, and that live action was pretty good.

For a manga adaptation I also did not hate Edge of Tomorrow (which is “All You Need Is Kill” in live action)

I like Yuru Camp, but I like some slice of life animes which is weird as there’s no bad guys. Also some isekai are fun.

RWBY is an American anime I really enjoyed

Just caught up with Ahsoka.
Honestly it was dragging a bit but redeemed itself and to me now super solid.
All of Rosario Dawson’s brooding was wearing on my nerves, a bit too much overacting IMO.

Any time you hear that breathing you know it’s gonna get great.
And…whomever is the costume designer nailed all the pants!
Not complaining, but sure seems like there are a lot of gratuitous a$$ shots, and only on the women with tight pants. :blush:

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Yeah, everyone is noticing that, especially with Sabine.

This is an intentional a plot point and the last episode should have cured that. It actually makes sense if you know the character’s full arc. It’s kind of like how everyone hated that Obi-Wan started out so beat down and defeated in his series; I thought that was amazingly well done.

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Watching Breaking Bad. Halfway through the second season and really enjoying it. And almost finished the last season of the The Orville.

Better late than never!
One of the best.
And then you have Better Call Saul after you finish.
Starts slow but gets fantastic too!


They just put Moonlighting up on Hulu.
There goes the next month.

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Just started on Blue Eye Samurai on Netflix - looks awesome!!

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I watched the first episode of “Lawmen: Bass Reeves.” Executive Produced by Taylor Sheridan of “1883,” “1923,” and “Yellowstone” creator fame.

David Oyelowo stars and he is an amazing actor. He played MLK in “Selma.”

This limited series is based on a true story.

Bass Reeves was born a slave and went on to become one of the most heralded lawmen in Texas and the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma).


In the last seven days I binged all six seasons of The Expanse. That’s how good it is.


New season of Fargo - awesome.
Finished The Crown - thank goodness it got good again 1/2 way through the last season.
Reacher - so good, new season just started.
Finally pushing through Curb Your Enthusiasm - in season 2
and, just no discovering Monk - pretty good for a network show


She dies in the end. Sorry if that spoils it for anyone :man_shrugging:


Fucking love Fargo! This latest season kills!

Reacher finally does do real justice to the books. Screw Tom Cruise.

Curb is beyond the beyond. Hang with it and it gets nothing but better.