When Playing With A Band DOES NOT work out…

We’ve got threads on “Playing With Bands” and all, but how about one that talks about “When they DON’T work out”….

Here’s my latest story….

I was asked to join a new band a couple months ago and went through all of the prelims like playing with them and all and was asked to join… It was a new band that consisted of a drummer (the band leader), a lead guitar player, a rhythm guitar player, and a bass player (me). We met and practiced several times and were working on about 50-60 songs in a set list that the leader put together. All went well UNTIL….

They found out that I was making original recordings “outside” of their “belief system”…. Apparently, the three of the other players all play together in their “Church Worship Group” at their church……

A couple weeks ago I got together with the one person that I have always made music with for the past 50 years (we were both on an old diesel submarine together) and we recorded a couple new original songs together…. One of which was one dedicated to one of our old Sub buddies called “Bogies Bar & Grill” that they apparently didn’t like…

Apparently the band leader and others saw my recording on YouTube….

When I was contacted via text by he band leader, I was informed that “That type of music didn’t fit with the nature of the group” and that it would send the “Wrong message” if anyone realized that a member of the group were playing and sharing “Such trash”….

Anyway, after telling the band leader that he could basically “Kiss my ass”… I was… well, “blackballed and relieved of my bass playing duties”….

Oh well,…. I’m having more fun playing original music by swapping music files with my old Sub buddy (and another guitarist) anyway…:rofl::rofl:

Bottom line (and what I’ve taken away from all of this) is that,…… It’s all about making and playing music that puts a smile on “Your” face. I love bing “original”, and am not one to “change” who I am just to be a part of a group.

Had I known going into that particular venture that I “needed” to be some sort of “Special” person who’s talents were more directed towards fitting into “their” mold and not particularly focused on my bass playing talents, I probably would not have joined in at the time…. But…. Life does have a way of teaching us all “Life Lessons”…

So,… next time (if there is a next time) I’ll be a little more “particular” when agreeing to play with others…. Like asking questions like,… “Do y’all play songs that reference things like Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Rock & Roll, etc”…. Life lesson learned!!:rofl::rofl:

At least I did add a bunch of new songs to my repertoire- even though they were all kinda “boring” songs!!..:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Time for a Single Malt and a good Cohiba!!:tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:

Keep On Thumpin!


Retired fast attack Sailor here and fellow bass player. Still a newbie on bass but enjoying the journey.!


You did the right thing and stated the very reason I am not interested in playing in any one band any more.
Once a bands politics start getting in the way the end is nigh :slightly_smiling_face:
If you’re not having fun move on :joy:

Jamming with others more than puts a smile on my face and from time to time a few of us will get together to play in a bar or some other venue.


Enjoying the journey is all that really matters.

I have always said that anyone can learn to play a musical instrument if they want to badly enough but a lot of the hype from people trying to push their wares online give the impression that this is going to happen overnight and the reality is it isn’t. A lot of time, study, and practice, and especially patience, is required but it will happen if you want it to.

Are you taking the B2B course?


I think it was Geezer who joked you could call Sabbath “Good old Catholic boys”. Just play NIB for them.

What you do outside the group is your business.

Just keep on the lowend and enjoy the journey.


A “Sometimes Humans Suck” thread started today (albeit about animal abusers), but the sentiment is the same. It’s a local band for Pete’s sake. I’d be happy to find 3 other people that can play a bunch of songs together.


This is comedy gold @Lanny . If they were a Christian group then why not ask the question:

What would Jesus do? That’s right, he’d turn the other cheek and plug in the amp.

Next time just show up with your Turds of Misery shirt to avoid any false starts :wink:


LOL @Lanny sorry man, that sucks, but… bullet dodged before you put too much time in with those idiots.

You know, getting kicked out of Sunday school was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me :slight_smile:


And there was me thinking it was all about the music :joy::joy::joy:
Just shows you how narrow minded people can be.
Just be grateful they didn’t drag you down to their level of bigotry.
Anyway let’s get back to normal…….
Hail Satan! Pour me another scotch,rack me a line and pass me a fresh stripper!
I’d join you in a good cigar but I’ve stopped smoking :joy:



That’s pretty shallow thinking on their part. I can think of a few other things to say, but I’m biting my tongue.


I agree with @PamPurrs. That is really shallow thinking. I play in a church band, I also own most of Iron Maiden’s albums. I wonder what they’d think of that?


You can have the three that I just dumped….:rofl::rofl::rofl:



“Lord, please protect me from your followers.”


They’d dump me before I got there.

The problem today is that’s everyone thinks their opinion and viewpoint matters. They have a right to their opinion, whether it matters or not is another story…keep it to yourself and play some music. !

That really sucks @Lanny


Hell, I got kicked outta Catholic School in the 6th grade for participating in a distance pissing contest on the playground. Although I didn’t win, I did manage to water down the nearby nun who yanked me by the ear “midstream” and got… watered down a bit.

Anyway, it’s all good and I’m fine with it. I’ve dealt with people like this many times throughout life and have grown a bit hardened to it all. I could get pissed off (or on like that nun), but what good would that do.


Reminds me of an old joke.
A new teacher storms into the principal’s office and says, “I caught three of the boys having a distance peeing contest on the playground!”
Principal: “What did you do?”
Teacher: “I have to admit that I was so mad I hit the ceiling!”
Principal: “Good job, Ms. Jones, a win for the faculty!”


BTW, I’m with ya on the “Christian” attitude. As far as I’m concerned, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms needs to be the description of my local convenience store, and good music is almost always about bad behavior, even if you regret it.


I like your style

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I swear, the dude in the blue shirt looks exactly like my brother in law back in the 80’s.

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