Why oh why (Rickenbacker copies)

So I was happily plodding along not suffering from GAS whatsoever and totally in love with my Ibanez . Then…

BS excavations posted his twin Rickenbackers and I watched a load of Motörhead videos on YouTube. Now I have the worst case of GAS I’ve ever had :crazy_face:
As they cost an arm and a leg I’ve been searching for a copy but I’ve had no luck :scream:
Does anyone know if they exist?


Been looking for a copy as well and could only find imports from the US.



@Mac and @gragil1: I think they call them Chickenbackers and you can get them from China (alibaba!?). There should be a few YT videos discussing them…
That said, Thomann’s Harley Benton line has a kind of copy that is quite affordable - however, it is not THE most classic Rick model:


Interesting :thinking:
I’ve even thought of getting my hands on a body and building one like the jazz bass copy I’m making but the guys here don’t do a copy and again nothing seems available world wide.
I’ve dealt with U.S sellers a lot for Harley parts and the service has always been first rate and quicker postage wise than sellers here but the cost is a little prohibitive


Cool. Thanks :blush:
I’ll go looking for chickenbackers now :+1:


They used to have DIY kits on EBay.

Actually there is a cool one for sale in the local market for just under $400. It’s been up for sale, so there might be opportunity to get it as low as $300. Not sure what shipping would cost tho.

Let me get the pictures. It’s a really cool blue color that looks great, and also illuminates in special light, making it look like one of the cool Fender blues


Nope. I am not listening to this.


Ah ha my enabler is here :joy:


Seem fairly cheap

Here goes. I really wanted an excuse to go look at this one.


Luckily, I am unaffected by this. My mind is like a fortress.


Do you know that website? I have seen scam sites that were selling Ibanez Mikros, and Tmb30 and Fender Broncos and others listing for like $67

But I learned they were fake, which shocked me because they were advertising on Offer Up

Til they were found out.

Not saying it’s a scam, but does like aweful cheap for a real Rick


Looking closer, they aren’t Rickenbackers - it seems a knock off shop and the brands are words like “Ric” or “Ricken”.

Probably just cheap materials based on the design of the actual Rickenbackers? That’d be my guess.

No, don’t know the website at all - I was just trying to egg Mac on :smiley:


Ok, as long as they are not calling them or claiming they are real, seems reasonable


Thanks for that but postage would be the killer if they’d even be prepared to do it :weary:

I need no egging on :joy:


I’ve found as I can’t really stretch to buying a real Rickenbacker after buying the Ibanez, I could rent one for around $140 a month . After 3 years I could buy it but it just seems like a very high rate credit scheme really :thinking:
Sooooo tempted though but I must be strong :joy:


Be strong.


Well, not that I’m planting a seed or anything, but there is no way I could have afforded all those fenders out of my back pocket.

I know some people go by the mantra of “if you haven’t got the cash, you can’t afford it”, which is solid advice.

But I know what I’m like - I’ll never end up saving thousands for all the stuff I want, because if I did, I should put it on work on the house, or savings or whatever boring shit people are expected to do.

So instead, I put them on monthly credit payments - I only ever do 2 monthly payments at a time and wait until they’re all paid off, reduce everything to zero, wait a while, and then do it again later on at some point.

I can manage this, and to be honest, it’s about the only thing left that I like to spend money on, as it’s my one and only serious hobby. I’ve tried other hobbies, but if I’m completely honest with myself, they are mainly 9 days wonder and then I trail off them. With music though, I’m comfortable dishing out the cash, because I’ll be doing music all my life.

So you should really get a Rickenbacker while you can, is what I’m saying :slight_smile: hahaha


I do know what you’re saying @quadfather but I’m not working atm and I really don’t want to stretch things too far.
However,in the future I WILL be the proud owner os a genuine Rickenbacker. Vintage if I can :pray:t2:



Yeah, that’s definitely fair enough. I’m still working at the moment, so financially I’m the same. If my situation was different then I simply wouldn’t be able to pay them back, so I’d have to wait until I was in a position where I could.

Plus, when you do eventually get it, I bet you’ll covet it even more :smiley:

It’s all good.