Why so hard to say good-bye? (Considering going from 8 to 4!)

While some of you might think this is about me not being able to let go of this community :grin:, it’s really about saying good-bye to basses…

There is really nothing wrong with some of my basses other than the fact that I almost never play them (anymore). I guess I don’t play them because they don’t give me anything extra compared to my main basses. Still, it’s damn hard to make the decision to sell, mainly because I am so… sentimental. But, I am neither a collector nor are these basses much of an investment.

Also, I don’t necessarily need the money, but it could open for the possibility to perhaps get another one of my bucket list basses.

And then: will I regret selling them? Most likely (seeing how @PamPurrs and @howard and others experience similar emotions). Will I want to pull a @JustTim and buy them back again??

  • the easiest to part with is my Harley-Benton 6-string (but I probably won’t get much for it)
  • it’s a shame for the AiO PB4, but I am just not a P-bass guy… can’t seem to get into it (and my Mayones should cover that)
  • the Sandberg TM4 Nighthawk+: such a great bass, but other than being more slap-able than others, not giving me much I don’t have already (that M-style pickup is not really a hard argument; and also, I don’t slap)
  • the Yamaha TRB5Pii - my only “vintage” bass (2009); outstanding Japanese craftsmanship, but I just don’t play it anymore. Somehow, it is just too… “nice/well-behaved”; but, then, it is a bit of a “rare” bass…

Sorry for the long write… I guess I just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading, and I certainly appreciate hearing your thoughts :smile:


If you didn’t live on the other side of the planet, I’d be mildly interested in the 6 string.


Ha, it sounds really nice, but if you dropped it, it would probably not stop until it hit the Earth’s core! Boy, it’s heavy :joy:


What 4 are you keeping?

  • Mayones Jabba Hadrien Feraud PJ4
  • Roks Nardis
  • Ibanez GWB205 (haven’t given up on the fretless yet)
  • Harley Benton JJ-55OP - super fun 5’er; potentially for modding etc.

Selling my Nighthawk was really tough, but I almost sold it for the same price when I bought it. So no regrets.

In other news I am thinking of selling at least one of my jazz basses. My MIA Fender or Bacchus :sweat_smile: …but I’m having a hard time letting go.


I don’t regret any sale yet, but selling my TRBX took some willpower :slight_smile:

For me, if I have gear I am not using or instruments I am not playing, it just… bugs me. Feels wrong. I get itchy about it until I sell.


I can see your thought process. I have three basses and only 2 of them get picked up right now.


There you have it :grin:

Oooooh :astonished:


Sell the Fender and buy two more Woodlines :rofl:


Yeah, I am kinda like that… but likely not as good in following through!

What do you think about the TRB?? It was my first “real” bass. But, thus, potentially also a bass I wouldn’t buy now (knowing what I know now, and knowing what I want now).


As much as it’s one of my favorites of your basses, I would sell if it were me. You’re in a very similar situation as I was with my TRBX. Loved the thing, wasn’t playing it and wouldn’t be soon, time to go.


I definitely feel you on this one.


Thanks, I needed that, Howard!

So, given your intimate knowledge of all things Yamaha and your grasp of the markets, what would you say such a bass would be able to get? I seem to be seeing asking prices close to what they cost new, around USD 2500. Is that realistic?

(Of course, markets here are rather different - different pool of buyers etc.)


It’s not that easy to buy Woodlines in Europe unless you buy them straight from Japan. But that probably adds about 400-500 euros to the price.

The Woodline I have is also a bit more premium :laughing:

The delivery dates on gear is getting a bit insane. A 15-17 weeks waiting time is not uncommon. I think the used market will get much bigger if this holds up. I’m already selling a guitar and a bass and I’m just waiting till people are ready to buy gear again.

Inflation is wild atm.


It’s basically not making much sense - pity really!!


Oh, and for what it’s worth? I really don’t recommend that. Don’t sell on a whim; know that you want to sell a bass for sure before you sell it, and if you sell it, be done with it.

Don’t pull a “me”. It never works out well. :smiley:


Duly noted. :crazy_face:


I’ve sold a number of basses and the only one I regret selling is a vintage Ibanez SR 600 that I bought on a whim.

Instruments should be played.


It was harder to let go of some instruments than others. One or two I’ve kept for sentimental reasons (like The Beast), others I don’t GAF and it can’t sell soon enough (Stiletto Extreme 4, though it’s the easiest to slap on…)

I guess it is what it is :woman_shrugging:t2:

I pulled my GWB35 off Reverb after putting it up. It’s just so cool-looking and my only fretless…