Women on Bass


how 'bout this one.

I definitely want to play like a girl, lol.


:scream: Yeah, she’s just a bit talented


I’m wondering about Tina Weymouth’s bass in this photo and the following video.
I’m not sure if this has been posted here before, but I noticed the neck pickup on this bass. I would guess that this is a Mustang bass, but the pickups look different from other Mustangs I have seen. It looks more like a J/P than a P/J. Does anyone here have some insight that they can share about this bass?

Is this like Fox on Sox?

Custom basses.

Not a Jazz pickup, but looks like a Duo Sonic pickup in the picture (more than 4 strings, actually 8). I can’t make out the poles which makes my think Duo Sonic

The video I can see a hint of the poles, which makes me think a Musicmaster pickup on the neck

And the P-bass pickup in the middle position is definitely custom as Fender didn’t add them until the 2010s to my knowledge

As you can tell, Duo Sonics, Musicmasters, and Mustangs all had the same body shape. Could be any of them

They are also missing the selector switches Fender puts on “Mustangs” so again, custom

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Thank you. I felt there was a good chance that it was customized.

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