Yamaha TRBX not cutting it for me

probably me, just need to adjust to it more

If the Spector is anything like the Warwick (which it almost assuredly is for obvious reasons) then yeah, very bright, modern sound - but as you noticed, also really dialable :slight_smile:

My problem with my Warwicks was not the sound at all but the feel. The thing had a great neck that just sat in the wrong spot for me.

or maybe the Spector itself is very bright and emphasizes the high-pitched noises ? but yeah I believe that you need to spend some time to familiarize and tame your new toy :slight_smile:

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I really like the D’Addario nickel rounds. Actually my favorite strings. It’s possible it came with steel rounds though too.

It’s really true. Tone matters a little, but it is far, far behind feel. At least for me. I can make my TRBX sound more or less however I want it to in the DAW.

It matters to a degree, it’s just the portion of sound/tone you get from the bass itself is a bit in the wood, through neck or bolt on, and a bit of construction (semi hollow, solid etc). So in my opinion it is subtle. Then there is RANGE of tones.

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I totally get that. I started out with a TRBX174 and it was fine, but once I got my EB MusicMan stingray, it clearly didn’t measure up and I barely played it, so I traded it in. I think if I was going to pick up another bass one day, it would probably be a nice jazz bass.

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Good chance you would like flatwounds…brand doesn’t REALLY matter but people have their preferences (I prefer Ernie Ball Nickel Slinky Roundwounds) but they are very bright punchy and articulate (which is sound I like). Flat wounds are quiet when moving around on them, and have a warmer thuddy boom sound.

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I also started with a TRBX 304 (Thanks Josh) and really loved it. I then got a BB734A and i found that I would pick the 304 less over time. I begrudgingly sold her off to a very enthusiastic buyer which left me at ease ( going to a good home)

Now I also have a Fender Ultra Jazz Bass which I fell in love at my local Sam Ash. So I agree with the sentiment, dont knock it before you try it.

Today i play both in a 60-40% ratio. The Yamaha winning. But I guess the reason Ive been playing Tool songs lately. But for funk and slap the Jazz Bass is the clear winner. Hands down.

On my 734 I use StringJoy string. I really like the sound of these strings for some reason.

Anywho. Best of luck in your search for that second bass. You already hit gold with the 735.


Thanks for all the replies! I want to mention, it’s not the treble response of the TRBX that bothers me; it’s the lack of a low fundamental. The BB has that low fundamental that can shake the room; the TRBX doesn’t. When I turn the bass knob up, I get a warmer tone, but it still doesn’t have the same authority in the lows that the BB does. The BB having less HF response does also warm it up, but even if I turn the treble knob up, the BB still sounds bigger and thicker than the TRBX.

As for playing flatwounds, I’m not looking for a mellow tone; just want more authority in the low end. Or maybe it’s more midrange bite? I dunno. First time I plugged in my BB I plucked a couple notes, turned the bass knob up just a smidge, and grinned. That’s all the EQ I needed and the bass sounded huge. I’ve spent a lot of time fiddling with EQ on my TRBX. OTOH, while I like the liveliness of the Curt Mangan strings, maybe I should try something different. It came strung with D’Addarios, which sounded dull and dead to me, but it was also a used bass so who knows how old those strings were. My BB was new, also strung with D’Addario, and sounded great right out of the box.

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New D’Addario nickel wounds are some of the least dead strings you will find without going to stainless steel rounds. I’d say try a new set :slight_smile:

I think you’re just seeing different characteristics of the basses here though. They definitely have a different sound. The BB is absolutely heavier and thumpier while the TRBX is more midrange and bright. I’ve had no problem getting lows out of my TRBX - in fact I get too much, I usually have to filter it in the DAW - but at this point I can make it sound more or less however I want there too.

They are both really versatile with a lot of range to them and the BB734 is probably one of the best kept secrets in music - it’s one of the best all around instruments I have heard for up to double its price. It’s just simply great.

The TRBX is the same way but a little more modern tone focused. If you’re looking for a P-bass thump you are going to be better served by a BB. I can make my TRBX do that but it requires some work in the DAW.