You can only have one bass, what is it?

Looking to buy a bass. I want very subjective answers if possible :slight_smile:
If your choice is very expensive I would love if you would also include a choice in the 500-1500 range :blush:

Edit: @Barney said “@Glitch would mind editing to include the words left handed in this thread title? Cheers”
I don’t mind right handed answers :slight_smile:
But now the keywords “left handed” in the post


This comes up all the time on the forum and there really is not an answer to your question because it is such a personal preference thing.

I always say to pick the one that speaks to your tastes.
In other words, if you have a Fender, Ibanez, PRS, Cort and Yamaha Bass sitting in front of you which one appeals to you. That’s the one to get. Unfortunately for a lot of people cost is an issue but for me cost is the last thing I look at.

My Bass of choice is the Yamaha line. Low end for me is the TRBX304 and the upper end, for me, is the TRBX504. I own both and have no plans to purchase another Bass.

I picked Yamaha primarily because I own several of their acoustics and know that they produce good quality instruments.

A couple of months ago I looked into the world of Bluegrass music because I decided to finally look into learning the Banjo. First thing I considered was Yamaha. I discovered very quickly they were not the biggest recommendation of Bluegrass players and so I moved on. I also realized very quickly that with banjos the lower priced banjos would have some serious limitations to play ability. So in the end I purchased, what I would call an intermediate level model and it cost me $1,000.00 including a hard shell case. No regrets and no play ability issues. Hell it even had a zero fret.

So to answer you initial question my answer is the Yamaha TRBX504 with a Rumble 100 watt amp. :+1: :+1:


good choice! I’ll look at the Yamaha line and see if they have any lefties.


I’ll look there, but I think this is a little different than that thread :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sure they do and am also sure @howard will have something to add regarding Yamaha :rofl:


The only instrument I’ve never felt I needed more than one of was a banjo and if I still played bassoon, I’d probably be happy with one of those too… If I was only going to have one bass, I’d be happy with just my player precision bass, but I’d never have only one bass :slightly_smiling_face:


@Glitch Last time I looked, Yamaha has no left handed basses currently. Maybe you could find a used one, as I think they may have produced LH models before. Or, try Ibanez, etc. I have the short scale Ibanez miKro (GSRM20L) in beautiful LH black :rofl:, and that model has a very good reputation. Be prepared to pay more for a LH one, though, unless you buy on sale.


Its so down to the individual and budget.
I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on a 1993 Warwick Thumb NT and this will stay with me until I’m in a hole in the ground ( or I might go all Egyptian Pharaoh and have it buried with me)
There’s so much brand snobbery in the bass market that as a beginner I not only found it confusing but I was easily pointed in one direction and then another by experts and articles.
As I’m learning more I’m realising make and price are not the only factors in choosing “the one”. It’s really about what sounds good to you and what floats your boat


@Glitch I’m left handed but forced myself to learn right handed. Why? because the choice of left handed instruments sucks compared to right handed. I’m happy I sucked it up.
You’re going to have you hand forced (deliberate pun) if you buy new. Currently Fender, Schechter, Ibanez make decent LH models. I know there are some others.
So I think you might be looking down the wrong end of the telescope.
Have a rummage around on the internet and narrow down your choices to makes / models that are left handed and go from there. No sense in setting your heart on a Yamaha if you find out they don’t currently make one.
The correct answer is obviously a LH Fender P Bass :slight_smile:


You must be a singer if you only want one bass.


Someone here is tending a thread with all the lefty options. Can’t remember who. Sure you can search to find it though.



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Lol! I just want one more bass. And another. And another.


As much as I adore my purple 5-string Schecters, I would have to keep The Beast, aka my Kiesel Racing Green Xcellerator X64. It’s just too good and does too much, though its appearance would certainlty ah, limit my gigging potential, I think :eyes: It has some sentimental value as my first really nice bass.


It took me getting a few basses to get to where I am at this point. Knowing what I know now I’d get a musicman cutlass bass or a caprice bass.

Like it or not precision bass is a big thing. I denied it since the 90’s but gave in and drank the koolaid. I like it.

Why musicman.? Just a little cooler than Fender and since it’s discontinued and pretty hard to find it’s definitely a cool “one bass” to have.

I feel almost the same to the Joe Dart signature


@Glitch here’s the list that @john remembered. Have a look through this list and choose something from there. Oh and maybe change the title of this thread to reflect left handed or it’ll make no sense. People will make recommendations without realizing you’re cack handed.


Wow. Tough question. If I could only have one bass, I think it would have to be my Ibanez SR500E.

If I can get the buzzing fixed on my Fender Dimension, that one might take the “if I could only have one” spot. While I love my Kiesel/Carvin, it’s just not an “if I could only have one” kinda bass.

If you’re looking for an “if I could only buy one brand” answer, I’d probably go with Ibanez.


The “Left Handed Bass Instruments (Lefty Bass)” list now includes the following, by number of LH basses currently offered (numbers may change over time as I update):

  • All in One (AIO) - 5
  • Bacchus (Japan, dealers in some countries) - 5
  • B. C. Rich - 4
  • Cort - 2
  • Danelectro - 1
  • Dean - 2
  • Dingwall - 2
  • Eastwood - 11
  • Epiphone - 1
  • Ernie Ball Music Man - 0
  • ESP’s LTD basses - 10
  • EVH - 0
  • Fbass: custom builder, 10% added for LH, 5 models
  • Fender/Squier - 4 Fenders, 2 Squiers
  • Gibson - 1
  • G&L Guitars - 2
  • Glarry - 1
  • Godin - 0
  • Gretsch - 0
  • Guild - 1
  • Hagstrom - 2
  • Harley Benton - 10
  • Höfner - 9
  • Ibanez - 6
  • Lindo - 1
  • Music Man (Either Ernie Ball or Sterling) - 1
  • Revelation - 3
  • Rickenbacker - supposedly 2
  • Samick - 1
  • Schecter - 39 (yes, 39, you read that correctly!)
  • Sire - 16
  • Spector - 5
  • Warwick - 27
  • Yamaha - 0

That adds up to 180 LH basses, if my addition is correct. If anyone knows of any more, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


Eh. I’ve never wanted a lot of basses. I just want a couple good ones I play a lot. One would be fine too, but I like the two I have.

I’m not a collector, and I actively dislike having gear that doesn’t get used a lot. It bugs me.