YouTube BLOWS - Where else can you host and link to embedded files

continuing this topic, breaking it away from the AC/DC thread, so we don’t get too far off topic over there.

Bercause of YouTube and FaceBook and other site BAN’s for popular music, EVEN when WE are just playing our own bass line, for purposes of posting here, a discussion about using DropBox, Google Drive, and others, possibly iCloud, Amazon (has something like this), many Internet companies give you storage, etc…

DropBox was tested, and was successful for Mp4 video files.

Google Drive, I tested it with an Mp3 audio file, and it worked, but was not embedded.

Its OK for me personally, when I hosted on @Lanny 's site, it was not imbedded, but it goes to a nicer platform, where you get to pretty it up, adding text about the song, why you chose it, how you played it, etc… My links to that site are dead tho (i think a site update rendered them useless), But this is enough, I can now re-link them to the google drive.

@PamPurrs also links to her site, and it is not embedded.

But it is perfect for my needs, I just have to add the text to the post, since there is none on the drive
it prevents people from watching it, due to not wanting to leave the forum.

Does anybody NOT watch things if they are not embedded? If so, PLEASE LMK, so I can decide if I need the ability to embed files.


Here is the first example.

Audio File hosted on my Google Drive.

I am going to try a Mp4 video file and see if it will play, or if it is the same. I think it will be the same, but the question was asked, and I will try it.

DropBox was tested in the other thread, and it was able to embed a video file, so that is another FREE option for me to use if Google Drive doesn’t work.
But it will be good to know.


Feel free to use this whole thread to test linking from hosting sites of your choice.


I dunno, I locked up a year ago for $10 a year, and will report back if I open it up for anything. Figured I could host any of my own content there


Cool, I never heard of it. did they raise their rates? That is very reasonable.

I don’t have an Mp4 on my computer, so I can’t give it a try, but I am pretty sure it won’t embed, just based on the audio not embedding.

I am trying to find some file I can download to test, but I may give Dropbox a try and see if it will embed the audio, if it does, I may just go with that.

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I think he means he registered the domain last year, not that it’s currently a hosting site.

Nice domain name :slight_smile:


Maybe we have a disconnect @T_dub. Anyway I was just stating that I locked up a pretty good url for posting covers later


Yeah, that makes more sense
I thought you were saying you locked in the yearly rate at some site.
But that is a great name for it.


Ok, Audio test from Dropbox.

hopefully it embeds.

DropBox link

Google Drive Link


Looks like you need DropBox PLUS to share a file, embed and make it useable.
If I try to share it with ANYBODY, it won’t let me save the settings, unless I upgrade to PLUS

EDIT: You don’t need to have PLUS. see my next post. The link in my last post above works now too.
EDIT: - Weird, it skips and starts over and stuff. No logical place, it keeps changing.


Looks like Dropbox embedded, but can’t play it. Probably for reasons you stated. The Drive one works fine as a link, but didn’t embed.


The dropbox embed looks nice tho. Think it’s also supported by this forum. Maybe there is an FAQ of the forum builders what type of content you can embed from external hosts?

This is also some info about Dropbox @T_dub


Thanks, it works now.
you have to change ?dl=1 to ?raw=1 at the end of the file.


https:// www . dropbox . com/s/harntsly9ehc04j/Date%20Rape%20take% 201.mp3?dl = 0
needs to be
https:// www . dropbox . com/s/harntsly9ehc04j/Date%20Rape%20take% 201.mp3?dl = 1

EDIT - for some reason it doesn’t work flawlessly. It keeps repeating, skipping and starting over. WEIRD.

Yeah it seems to have some buffering issues

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@T_dub instead of ?dl=1 could you try ?raw=1 this will allow an mp3 file to play directly.

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I changed both links, testing now. The first post a few posts up, has a shorter song.

Same issue meh. I have a paid Dropbox account. Will try it out later…

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It worked on the first song I posted, played it right thru and stopped.
No volume control that way, bummer.

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Sorry I was too hasty T. Webpage could be cached bc after a hard refresh it seems to work now and Volume controls works for me too.


Lucky you. The volume controls disappeared for me after changing it to RAW. I don’t get volume controls for embedded soundcloud files either.

I am happy it plays the song properly mostly however.
Thanks for the help.


Google drive link does not work…

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