Zoom b1 4 or B1X 4

Would I be best to buy the Zoom B1 4 or the B1 4X.

Also it seems to me that I saw somewhere that it was best to connect it into the effects loop of my Rumble 100. Can someone confirm this and tell me why?


the only diff is the expression pedal. i hate pedals so i liked the b14. also, came across this the other day. opened my eyes to effects loops and how almost everybody uses them wrong. think i’ll post this in a separate thread.


Yes, the difference is the expression pedal, but I think that gives you a few more possible effects with it as well (wah is the only thing that comes to mind).

If you know you want to play around with the expression pedal (or the effects that use it), go for the X - otherwise, no real reason to…



I decided to go the expression pedal route.



Thank you for the video link.
That answers my question perfectly, assuming the guy knows what he is talking about.


I’ve got the B14X and although I don’t use it all the time, I do enjoy having the pedal there. Tip: get the A/C adapter … it eats batteries!


Plus 1 for adapter… You cant turn it off otherwise and its just on battery power.

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Is there an advantage to the adapter over using USB power?

If I remember correctly, the Zoom switches off when you disconnect the input. If you leave your instrument plugged in, it remains switched on. The same usually goes for active instruments, by the way.


And most pedals really. The on/off switch is the input jack, not the pedal bypass switch.

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When the Zoom B1X 4 arrives the first thing I plan to do is update the firmware.
I have seen several people post they had issues updating the firmware through the free zoom software from Zoom ie. Guitar Lab so I plan to do the update directly on the computer with the firmware upgrade file available from Zoom.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I would not bother with the Guitar Lab software. Do the firmware update directly on the computer (I did).

Then go to www.tonelib.net and scroll down to download & install ToneLab ZOOM. It’s free and has a much nicer interface than Guitar Lab.

There’s even a Linux version, which doesn’t matter to most people but matters a great deal to me.


I couldn’t even get Guitar Lab to work properly. It would crash every time, sometimes immediately, sometimes after 10-20 seconds. Like @howard said, don’t bother with it. Use ToneLib instead. Oh and by the way: my Zoom B1 Four arrived with the latest firmware already installed.


@spidey9 said that :slight_smile:

I agree though ToneLib is great!

Oops! Your icons are too similar. One of you has to change it. I don’t care which one; you guys figure that out yourselves.

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Thank You @spidey9.

There appear to be 3 programs that can be download.

Have you used any of the others?


Thank you for that information.
Which firmware version are you running?
I will check the version number before doing anything.

It’s v2.00. If you need it, you can find it here:

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Thank you @Mike_NL

I have not. At first glance they appear to be aimed more at guitarists, and unlike ZOOM they are not free (although they are very reasonably priced). Nonetheless, they do make Linux versions and I may take a closer look in the future.

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