Acceptable Pizza Toppings: Discuss

What do you think are great toppings for pizza? Which are horrific abomination toppings for pizza? Wherever you fall, let it all out here.


Pineapple. And for anyone who says fruit doesn’t belong on a pizza, I hope you don’t like tomato sauce


Pineapple and Jalapenos are basically the Peanut Butter and Chocolate of pizza. Such a great combination.



Except anchovies. Someone snuck one onto my pizza once and I wanted to die.

Banana peppers are really nice, too. Marco’s will even make a philly cheesesteak pizza :drooling_face:


There was an epic “tomato is a tropical fruit” back-and-forth the other day. :laughing:

Yeah, a tomato is actually a berry, and it is native to a tropical climate.

But since it can and does grow in temperate climates anywhere in the world, it is no longer referred to as a “tropical fruit” like, say, a pineapple or a mango.

Many tropical fruits pair well with cheese, so, technically, they could live on a pizza, if that’s one’s thing. Mileage varies wildly, though.

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So now we have a “Pizza Topping” thread in addition to the “Official Food” thread.
Is it okay if I post pictures of my practice space here? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Since I’m here, I’ll mention that I grew up in Chicago, and Chicago pizza is the best. I’ve travelled the USA and have had pizza in many major cities that claim to have the best pizza (Philly, NYC, Boston, etc.) and nothing compares to Chicago style.
Pizza here in Phoenix sucks!
Toppings? Cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, roasted peppers, onions, Roma tomatoes. Sara likes pineapple on hers, which I can take or leave. I prefer mine without tropical fruit.
There used to be a restaurant chain called “California Pizza Oven”, and they prided themselves on putting anything imaginable on a pizza. The one time I ate there, I had a pizza with some sort of Chinese food on it, and it was the most hideous pizza (not pizza) I’ve ever eaten.
But let’s be honest, pizza is very much a personal choice. Just like motorcycles, genres of music or movies, cars, trucks, or basses; it comes down to what you like, are accustomed to, and what makes you happy.


Hold my beer :rofl:

Some local Japanese pizza chains are a little… adventurous. I’m looking at one right now with Shrimp and Mayonnaise as toppings, and another with Butter Chicken Curry. And one with mochi and mentaiko (spicy cod roe).

Blue Cheese and Honey one is pretty standard. The bulgoki one looks kind of good though :rofl:

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California Pizza Kitchen?

Yeah, not my favorite. Still exists though I think.


That’s actually not hard to find as a combo, even in the US. Though maybe rare on pizza.

Hell, even Food Network does that one:

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Yeah, maybe that’s it. I’m surprised they still exist, but then on the west coast anything can happen :rofl:


Oops! Sorry about that. Multitasking is bullshit.


Thanks, @Mike_NL.


Love me some pineapple. And I suppose it could be on a pizza with ham and jalapeños. For many, I can see that that combo would make for a sweet/savory/umami pizzoid experience.


Still around!

Not the worst but not remotely close to my favorite, and way overpriced.

I’m mostly a NYC style pizza guy. I have a hard time considering Chicago style to be pizza, more like a fantastically good meat and cheese pie :rofl:

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Me, too. I do like Chicago-style, but not my fave.

I ate at UNO’s in Chicago one time. Actually, overate at UNO’s one time. Good pizza.


I like pepperoni with sliced meatballs on a good Sicilian crust.

For American spin, a taco pizza with taco meat, salsa, lettuce and tomatoes is yummy. And queso fresco


Taco pizzas are fantastic.


Why not just get tacos? LOL


Sounds intriguing. I can grok the taco part, but it seems to be a thick bread, open-face taco, of sorts.

Kinda hard to imagine the pizza part, though.