Any sexy new basses you've got your eye on?

I have an SRMS805 5-string from Ibanez right now, and absolutely love it. I would like a 4 string option as well. So my eye is on an Ibanez SR600E. Same layout and EQ; the body is ash, the pickups are Nordland, the fretboard is rosewood, and its a 4-string. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Not availible til June so plenty of time to sit on the fence. If only it came in black.


to each their own and all that, but that color is beautiful :+1:

howevz, I really hate that orange cutout below the neck.


That’s a weird Ibanez thing on all the SR’s, I don’t get it either.


yeah, that’s a bit odd. They make a brown that fades to black but I like this color better.


Any Orange is GOOD Orange. It makes the bass!!!

Actually it might have an orange back. look at the sides of the headstock.

Of course, it could be a designer being lazy and putting this texture on an existing design, over the orange bass, and just not touching up the details…
Doubt it tho.

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You must be a big fan of Orange Amps!


Love the color of them.

I like the sound, but I had a small practice amp, and it really did not have a good gain stage, it would clip on almost all of my basses on the E string above the 7th fret if I had the bass boosted. Other wise it had a good sound, not my favorite, but it was cool.

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Ah, yeah you gotta get into the Terror bass head with the tubes to get the good stuff.

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I have some good news for you. It DOES come in black.

Look at the official website here:

Also, for others, as you can see by the angle in this picture, that orange looking bit on the front is actually the color they’ve stained the neck with (or its natural color?), so it makes more sense when you see it from a different angle.


That is the 6 string color, he wants this in 4 string, which does not have the black color.


It’s 5 string, but yeah, not 4. But they specifically said “So my eye is on an Ibanez SR605E” which is what that is, but put a picture of a 4-string. :slight_smile:

The 4-string also comes in an alternate color. It’s more brown than black, but it’s a choice. :slight_smile:


Yes, typo on my part I meant the SR600E. I have an SRMS805 already and am thinking about a 4 string to go with it. Brown is the other option, I prefer the blue in this case, Maybe even over the black


Well, I had my eye on this for a bit now, did a ton of research trying to talk myself out of it, but, to no avail. I have been dabbling in the lower end basses since starting bass buzz and finally decided what to go big on. So I took my eye off this and put my hands on it. So excited, comes next week.


you can’t go wrong with a P, I say.


Good for you, John! @John_E . . . :slight_smile:

Great choice!

As @terb said above, can’t go wrong with a P-bass



I’m saving my pennies for the Fender Vintara 70’s jazz bass!

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I don’t even like Fenders, and that one is a beauty!

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Thanks. I was eyeing an American Original but wanted the classic Jamerson color scheme. Apparently the 60s American Originals are scarce in that color right now and I couldn’t find one to try anywhere locally. This guy just came out from the Custom Shop, ‘61 relic, and I happened to spy it at Empire Music on the web as a preorder (great guys there btw) and after some discussion said “what the hell”.

Fender, like a load of others, are super backed up now with supply chain issues and everyone deciding to learn instruments during covid. If I missed this one and ordered one, it’s over a 12 month wait.

I don’t like to wait.


Shared this elsewhere but currently pinching pennies for this beauty:

Hopefully when it’s released on April 20th I will have enough pennies.


i swear to god if they had a flamed neck for the snowy nights one i’d be ordering it right now.