Beginner to Badass Reviews? 🎸

I concur - I bought a new bass, a new amp and a pedalboard … but it thought I was the only one :wink:

The disclaimer might have to be extended to new equipment and not just bass


Ha ha ha. I’m thinking about getting a new amp down the road at some point too. Ha ha. And, I’m not trying to go crazy, but I eventually want to get a setup to record into my computer too. I don’t know anything about pedals so you’re telling me not to look into it for a while otherwise I’ll start wanting those too. Got it.


This was true for me.
I bought myself a Squire Fretless Jazz Bass as a graduation present to myself after I completed B2B the first time. However, I haven’t purchased another bass after I completed B2B a second time (yet.)



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Just finished, 22 days. So addictive! Had to take a few days off to work on slap techniques to “pass” that chapter. I took notes of fast workouts (and 2 medium workouts) that I had issues with and will spend the next few weeks working on those and playing along with module 14. Also a few books arrived on theory, patterns along with big tab book. While listening to music now, I can hear octaves, happy/sad (maj/minor) and even figured out a few little parts that sounded familiar when just experimenting (overkill by men at work intro, breaking the law Judas Priest etc. Last night while playing along to J. Mascis, believe I was able to semi well accompany the music (basic root 3-5, triads, single notes etc, but really working on getting the plucking down. I wish there was more. Made a little area in my metal studio and getting into the habit to start and end my day with music. Great class, Thanks for putting this together!


I’ve been going through the B2B course for 5 or 6 weeks. Just finished module 10. I first picked up a bass about 2 months ago. Muddled through some YouTube content for 2 weeks or so before I started the course. I am glad I did. @JoshFossgreen is an awesome teacher and has put together an informative, user friendly course. The course has the right amount of theory, practical tips, teaching, and playing to keep interest. The presentation of each lesson is well thought out and easy to follow. Most lessons have a riff set to music with both tabs and music sheet that make it easy to follow along. Through out the lessons, key points are presented and reinforced in a way that’s not overwhelming. The course extras booklet is also very helpful. This is the best money I’ve ever spent on a hobby.
@JoshFossgreen The only suggestion for improvement that I have, is for some of the fast workouts (especially Billie Jean and Some Kind of Wonderful and maybe others I haven’t gotten to yet) if its possible, add a video that allows for a custom playback speed. Maybe this could be in the course extras section. I know we can slow it down to .75 speed, but I would love to be able to incrementally work up to the 100% from there. For some of these more difficult lessons, I find myself ok at medium workout speed, ok at the .75 speed on the fast work out, but getting totally behind in the full speed fast workout. Thanks for a great course and I am looking forward to going through it again when I complete it the first time around.


Update: my church has accepted me as an additional bass player for their worship team!! I’m so honored and humbled!!


Congrats and well done!

Beginner to Badass is a great course for this 59 year old returning to bass. I started it from the beginning although I already knew much of the material. When I purchased the course and saw the (make your own) schedule and number of lessons, I thought there was no way I would be able to get through it in three months, let alone one month. However, the hands-on lessons were so fun and informative and Josh is so encouraging and engaging that I completed the course in 45 days. Granted, I did skip some of the slow workouts, while concentrating on others I needed the most work on. I had taken bass lessons from a guitar teacher long ago and learned some scales and modes. I was able to put some of it to use in creating bass lines in a band, but had little idea of why I was doing what I was doing musically. Beginner to Badass makes theory easy to learn and put into action. The most challenging part of the course for this old school player is slap. I’ve always been intimidated by it and never tried to learn it until now. I’m still working out the most suitable technique for me personally, specifically strike through or bouncing the thumb. With lots of practice, my accuracy is quickly improving but I’ve got a long way to go on speed. I love this course and Josh is an awesome teacher! Thanks for putting me on solid ground!


Sounds like a great place to get real experience, and any mistakes will likely be, forgiven.