Best BassBuzz Quotes

I love language, and words, and making sentences using words in a language. I also love reading how other people use words to communicate ideas, convey thoughts and knowledge, express emotion and feelings.

In addition to being a funny bunch, y’all are knowledgeable, thoughtful, and expressive. You also bring great resources to the forum table. What things have you read here that stick with you? What things have you read outside of the forum that inform your creativity or inspire you? Post them here, tell us why you chose it, and be sure to link to the original source to give more context!

If you don’t know how to link, don’t worry - it’s super easy.

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This is the quote that made me think to start this thread. Thanks @howard

The funniest part of her history is that her original band was denied a label deal because “no one wants to see girls slap bass.” Oh my dudes, you so massively deserved losing that cashpile.


Here’s a quote I love from Kiyoshi, talking about nervousness before a show, and how she gets past it:

“I sometimes get nervous or lose confidence before a concert, but the moment I stand on the stage, the audience turns on my switch. They make me a superhero. When I play onstage, I believe that I’m a great bass player. I think that is common courtesy to the audience.”

There’s a link to a whole interview with her in that post as well.


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This one gets my vote as one of the greats.


I hate when that happens!