Do you keep a journal / log of your progress?

Just wondering if anyone else keeps track of their “bass journey”? I started a log a couple of years ago and it is kind of funny to read about the first time I changed the strings on one of my basses - you would think I was performing surgery or something - I was SO nervous. I also jotted down the plans I had for practice that didn’t come to fruition due to lack of structure or direction.

I am thinking of creating a space for photos of basses that I have bought and sold - more than I care to admit. I kept thinking that if I had a better bass, I would be able to play - not necessarily so. That will only get you so far before the truth catches up with you and your wallet.

Its just fun to reminisce - I only wish I had started sooner.


What a great idea

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I think keeping a journal of anything that you want to progress in is very helpful. It’s pretty underrated too, I used to blow stuff like that off. Till I tried it. The best part of it going back through your old entries, to see where you were at, and compare it to where you are now. Good stuff.

But I don’t keep a journal for bass. At least not in a traditional sense. I kind of consider this forum to be a journal. It sort of captures a sentiment at a given time. You get feedback sometimes from others that are learning, as well as instructors more knowledgeable and experienced than you. Plus music samples, posted covers, and other good stuff :boom:


I have been keeping a bass journal since Day 1. I am now on Day 52, although some days I am only able to fit in 10 minutes of practice. I jot down total practice time, lessons/riffs that I practiced, sticking points, breakthroughs, etc.


I started using one a few months ago and it’s been a big help - keeping track of what I do each day, songs I’m working on and even ones I learned and wanted to play that day (usually if I don’t play a song that I learned after a while I get rusty and need to work on it again). I found it’s a great way to organize plans for practice, things I need to work on with a song, technique, new ideas, etc.


I am going to be starting the Beginner 2 Badass course on the first of November with the aim of completing it within a month.
I am going to film my progress from complete beginner to competent bassist and I am going to do my first jam night at a local pub at the end of the course and this will be at the end of the video.
Wish me luck


Killer idea!! Looking forward to the documentary!


Agree @Vik! Which is why I decided to start a blog for all of my bass related songs/videos/etc. I already have websites for my military time, personal blogs, etc so why not one for my music? It’s always helpful (and educational) to look back and actually see/hear yourself play at all levels - I’ve already noticed an improvement in some of the stuff I now do as compared to how it looked/sounded when I actually done it.

Besides, having it available online gives my (now adult) grandkids something to have a laugh or giggle over when I’m hamming things up a bit - who knows what stories they’ll be able to concoct when “their” grandkids are sitting on their laps wanting them to tell a story about the “Good 'ol Days”!!:rofl:

Yes, “Journals” of any kind are good!!

I guess all I can hope for at my age (combined with my Irish heritage) is that when I do depart from this planet, that where ever I do end up doesn’t have me sitting behind a gahdamn HARP!! (unless it’s only got 4 bass strings on it)!!

Keep on Thumpin’!