Do you name your basses?

Yes I remember that movie well!



I am pretty sure I am there with the TRBX504

I considered Excalibur several times in the past, including this time, but felt it was more personalized allocating a person as opposed to an object.


Fair point, @Celticstar :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There’s something about a sword getting stuck in a big rock that makes me think of my bass playing.


You know, when I was a younger guy, I used to scoff at guys naming their cars. I thought it was silly.

Then I built a rat rod with sweat, grease, and funded by Burger King Whopper Flopper money. I did name my car then, lol.

I had a six-string Japanese Squier that I put grover tuning heads, double hum Seymore Duncans, and painstakingly stripped down the wood and refinished the body with a black cherry stain with a satin clearcoat. I called it “Cherry Bomb” (Not really referencing the song).

I’m looking at my Yamaha TRBX504 right now, I still don’t really have a name for it yet. It kind of has to come to you, y’know?




So when you are playing your Yamaha 5 string all day, wouldn’t you say that you’ve played with a “Whole Lotta Rosie?”


Interesting discussion by the way. I normally don’t name stuff, unless I have a very personal attachment to it.

For example, I built a firearm off a legal stripped lower receiver, doing the headspacing, parkerizing the finish, polishing components to make them work better, etc.

I came up with the name “Tuco”, from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly:


I named my first (and only) bass (Fender Player P-Bass) Nikki. Huge Prince fan so I pretty much had to. :slight_smile: Hoping her loving will kick my behind and show me no mercy.


I’ve never set out looking to name a bass, but eventually you start calling it something right?? When I bought my second Ibanez I couldn’t call it “the Ibanez” anymore and I found myself referring to the old red one as Rosie. Once that caught on, my Fender J quickly became Josie. My Sterling SUB is just “the sub” and my new Ibanez is just “my Ibanez” but who knows maybe someday I’ll catch myself calling them something else…


I’ve never named an instrument, but strangely when I got my new pink bass instantly made me think of Elizabeth Liones from Seven Deadly Sins.