Do you name your basses?


We were just talking about this a little in the Show Us Your Basses thread and I thought it merited further discussion.

Have you named any of your instruments?

I mostly haven’t, even my main Cirrus I’ve had for nearly a decade is nameless. The only bass I’ve named is my sunburst P-bass with heavy gauge LaBella flatwounds… it’s just missing the pickup/bridge covers and some foam and it’s pretty much a Jamerson rip off bass. So I affectionately call it “Funk Machine Jr. Jr.” as an ode to Jamerson’s “Funk Machine” + Everything Is Illuminated (there’s a dog named Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. in that book/movie).

Show Us Your Basses

For me, maybe it all harkens back to the Toast Machine tried and true method for naming things: Go with the obvious, and put ‘The’ in front of it.
I’ve got “The Modulus”
“The Jaguar”
“The P-Bass”
Then I have some guitars… the closest any of them have to a name is The Peavey Horizon electric guitar I have. It’s called “The Horizon.”
hmm… but they’re still all, clearly, objects, not named characters.
Y’all? Any bass namers?


I do name things, not just basses. (I blame my mom; I believe she thought that if she taught me to anthropomophize my belongings I would take better care of them. She wasn’t wrong, but it also resulted in my not being able to get rid of a lot of my silly stuffed animals as I grew older!)

My current bass doesn’t have a name yet; I’m waiting for it to name itself, in a manner of speaking.
My first bass sort of did this: we were getting ready to resume lessons or practice or something, and as I reached for my bass the words “Alright Gertie, let’s go!” popped out of my mouth. And I thought, “Huh, guess her name is Gertie now.” (Gert/Gertie/Gertrude). It seems to fit, because she’s a little old, a little rough around the edges, a little tinny-sounding…

I’m hoping my gorgeous new Ibanez names itself soon! :wink:


I let my cats name themselves, but that’s about it. I had one cat, a very long time ago, named Snorklebutt.


Y’all got me to remember - I had a very, very shitty Jeep Cherokee once upon a time. I still loved him, though.
His name was Chester.
Don’t know how I knew, or found out. It just became obvious over time.

Current cat here: Thunder Troll.


Hmmm, interesting. I have not named my guitar, bass or drums.
I think the only thing I have ever named beside my son was a couple of motorcycles I owned. Now you got me thinking. I will see if a name appears this weekend. Gonna rain all weekend so I see a lot of jamming!