For the 'older' newbies

Two questions:

Have any of you picked up the Bass for the first time later in life with the goal of recording (to publish) or performing?

And, if so, has anyone here found success in that (not necessarily monetarily, but at least in achieving that goal)?



I started 3 years ago (aged 49) with almost no other experience in music and have been able to record myself at a level of competence that doesn’t completely suck.

It makes me no money but brings me great joy.


I’m 67 and decided to get serious, again, with the bass this last year. Due to injuries I had to stop practicing about half way through the B2B course. Hope to be able to record stuff and find others to jam with. A band that performs would be fun too.


I’m 53 and just started out (again, after a 30 year hiatus) last year. Currently working with a guitarist friend with every intention to eventually produce some original material.


This forum - we are not generally the youngest in any room

RIP, Joe


You just have to start playing. It’s that simple.

What is your goal and where are you now in that progression. Just keep the goal realistically simple in the beginning and things will start moving forward. Do you play another instrument? Let’s share that and believe it or not things will start rolling. , :joy:

I stopped playing for a couple of decades and thought that my performing days were over, I’m playing more now than I expected.


Yes, I have. I started as an absolute beginner on bass a little over a year ago at age 62.

I have a nontraditional music background, having done electronic music, live sound, and home studio recording. I have released eight solo albums, a solo single, and more recently two albums in a collaborative effort with Bret Hunter Hamilton as Bolsheviks of Madrid. I played bass on about half of the tracks on our latest album, Shopping Mall. I would guess that this meets the goal. It also feels great to add bass to our sonic palette.

I have received some added up fractions of pennies In royalties and digital distributions through CD Baby. I also received a modest royalty check from BMI this year. It still hasn’t covered the amount of money I spend making music, but having something coming in does feel good.

Of greater importance is the joy that comes from creating music and playing bass.


I’m 67 and just started down the bass journey. I’m mainly just interested in enjoying playing and have no particular desire to perform though it might be cool to do so. I spend 3 months in Chamonix (French Alps) each year for the ski season and I have a few friends who occasionally get together to play acoustic guitar in a bar and have asked me to join them, so maybe…if I’m feeling brave!


I am pretty sure the typical après ski drink choices will infuse you with the required courage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Enjoy!


I started in 2020 and for me, it’s clearly about playing together with other people. If I were to stay by myself, I’m not sure I would have the energy to progress.
I’ve had the opportunity to play a few songs on several occasions as part of this initiative :blush:


More to the point it’ll help infuse the audience to not notice any c**k ups!

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Either way, it’ll be a lot of fun :smile:


Robin - I started playing bass at 65 taking the BassBuzz course…My goal was to create some bass covers. After 3 years of practice everyday for 1 to 3 hours with other on-line instructors…I set up my You Tube channel to track my progress thru videos. Below is the link to my channel where I will be posting my covers. I use the RGO:MIXER PRO with Roland’s unique smartphone apps including 4XCAMERA defintely a no fuss was to make a video. Bass covers force you to learn and improvise the whole song not just the Riff


Hey @401Blues we have a small but active contingent of forum members doing the same thing. Posting covers to improve their playing.

I’d love to see you post your videos over in that thread to encourage others to give it a go. Cheers

I’m 65 and my goal is to get good enough to play with the praise and worship team at church. Beyond that for my own enjoyment at home with a variety of music genres.
I was progressing well with B2B until I started experiencing pain in my elbow (lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow). Practicing too long and too often. Doctors orders were to rest 6 months to a year. I’m at 6 months now and I’m going back to practicing this week. My granddaughter is taking electric guitar lessons, maybe we’ll go on the road together. LOL


Hello Robin
Yes…i write many styles. Success to me is airplay or folks sharing the music… Having those sound vibrations absorb into all.

I just finished this song on my Fin, Feather, and Furr cd… so far I’ve been leaning towards blues,prog,and various forms of jazz for this project.

This one is quite odd…actually a bass line i made at 16 but never could get anyone to play with it in my youth as i did not have a studio…
guess i never got the message…lol… i wondered if the sound would ever fill in to the bass line…now at nearing 70…this appeared…its titled Platypus Tuna and Seagull
It is straight up prog acid jazz…diminished augmented loops…minor reflections make it a tad dark musically…but the subject matter makes one ponder funny thoughts…or makes one go dude wth? If that occurs…that too is a goal !!! Lol…
What do you think…i play all tracks…its different :smiling_face:.
I guess i could lean my music to a more acceped form to make more cash…but alas i just like the challenges…i do write many styles…but this cd requires an am i weirding out mentality? I think…:joy:

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That’s awesome, subscribed!


@Barney is solid and prolific at his covers. Watch for his signature moves.


If 38 years is old, then yes. Now after 10 years i have done some gigs, played in some bands etc. Been fun ride.

Cant get stupid fast anymore, but thats not a issue.

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Wow, maybe there is hope for me Afterall. Josh seems to be just the type of teacher I need.

I’m a 72 year old student bass guitar pariah (left handed bass, missing my right index finger(fretting finger of course.). Played a treble clef instrument for many years, now I have to learn bass clef as well. Haven’t gotten a lot of encouragement along the way, I think this site may help.