GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome (Part 2)

I was wondering about that oce I got a good pic of it and could zoom in. I’ve got a set of wrenches coming in on Wednesday for it. If it is rounded out, I’ll be taking it back to the shop this weekend, while it’s still in the return window. I’ll be sad because I love playing it.


That was my impression too.


Does a guitar/violin amp count here?

I picked up an orange crush 35. It’s fun, I turn the gain knob on the dirty channel up and cool sounds come out of it.


Not sure how you’re seeing a rounded nut in that pic - I can hardly see any part of the nut. That makes me think the nut is already well into the cavity which necessitates a deep socket. I had that problem with my '63 Hofner. ‘Frustrating’ isn’t the word. I was working with a regular old socket set, so getting the angles etc etc was a proper pain.


I really hope you’re right (the 8mm wrench should get here tomorrow). I tried the Fender and Squire P basses out while I was playing the 300, and Fender type basses just don’t pull me back the way the Yammie P bass does.


It’s what I see too.
No Allen key hole.


Same. Not unsolvable but annoying.


@JerryP was on the money. It’s just a deep set socket. I got the 8MM truss wrench in just now and it slid right in and I was able to easily adjust it a quarter turn both directions (it does look like it got a good set up before I bought it). So stoked because I love everything about this bass and wasn’t looking forward to having to return it.

So in case someone searches this forum in the future, Yamaha BB300 (and likely 400’s) take an 8MM wrench for truss adjustments.




Glad I could help. :grinning:


Who is Al?




Which post are we talking about? :joy:


It might be about having a ton o’ basses? :crazy_face:


I’ve just invested in Cort Action PJ to keep at my office so I can practice at least half hour a day.

As I have three basses at home, does my latest purchase qualify as GAS or am I ok?

I also added a Fender Mustang Micro to make sure I have a headphone amp both in the office and at home.


GAS is always OK, so you’re covered either way.


New gear day!

I’m a little overwhelmed with the functionality of both these devices.
Probably won’t spend time drinking around with the beat buddy until this weekend.
The Katana Go I’ve dialed in pretty close to how my acoustic b100c is set up, and stream B2B from my iPad.

Few weeks back, I picked up a pair of Alesis 330usb studio monitors and an Eris sub8 subwoofer for $150. I was trying to figure out a way to get better sound out of GarageBand.
I gave up playing around in GarageBand, because it was taking time away from practice, and I just liked the sound of my amp through headphones, with B2B lessons aux-in’d to the amp.
I was just wanting to use GarageBand as metronome/drum track for goofing around and improv, and I bet the beat buddy will be be more rewarding for that.
Which brings back to the studio monitors. Right now they hooked up to a cheap suitcase turntable, but one that has Bluetooth in and out. I get really great sound from records, and can stream from phone or tablet.

Man, the 21st century is weird.


Beat Buddy convert here. Had one for quite a while and it’s use every day. I use a phone app (Drum Beats+) when I’m not in my room.

Used it this morning at 60bpm to work on a ZZ Top bass line and slowly turned up the tempo throughout the practice session. Super easy.


@Barney what did you end up doing with your HX Stomp?

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I sold it @eric.kiser and got the HX One. Which seems like a backward step for many. The HX One contains all the effects, but you can only play one at a time and no amp / cab sims.

But I was noticing that a bit of my time was spent menu diving when I could have been playing.

So my desktop rig / pedal board which is powered by a Cioks Sol just unplugs. I put it in the pedal board bag that came with the Gator small board I bought and off I go to band practice. I come home from practice, sit it on the desk and plug back in.

I bought the small pedal board so it sits on top of the amp to clean it all up.

No regrets. Signal chain is Cali76 > HX One (includes a tuner) > SGT-DI > Amp.