GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome (Part 2)

I’d choose the SGT-DI. very different from the Battalion and BDDI.

A pedalboard is not much more than a flat piece of metal or wood, easy to build or find used for a good price.


Done! I guess my music desk will just look like Al’s for a few more weeks. :heart:


I’d say get the SGT-DI although the BDDI is very good at emulating Ampegs. It has headphones out and Aux in. The BDDI doesn’t if you want to practice silently.


If you want to sound like an Ampeg with Tech21 gear then I would recommend to skip the BDDI and go for the VT Bass DI instead.

You could also always get a Behringer BDI-21 too and then have both :slight_smile:

But yeah. SGT-DI looks really good.


The SGT should be here by next Wednesday. I’m excited to see how that grit works with the tube screamer.


SGT is an amazing pedal, I use it a lot. Really really great.


New pedal just arrived…I can now have a separate low and high freq channel/loop (+wet/dry mix) for my fx pedals

and thanks @DaveT for mentioning the XO pedal in the pedal ideas thread



Towards the end of my pedalboard I was seriously looking for an excuse to get a Tyler.


These are very very interesting!


The only reason I didn’t go for that one was the size. I think they stopped making it now.


I’m back in the Detroit area visiting family this week. I decided to drop into a music shop in Fraser that I had not been into in almost 30 years. I remember buying Metallica tab books at this place waaaaay back then. The nostaglia vibes were kicking, so I made my way over there this weekend.

I wanted to check out the Vintera Telecaster Bass they had. Great color, and a nice meaty neck! The neck was a bit glossy, which isn’t my favorite but I was vibing with it. That single pickup gives some nice tones as well. Spent about 30 minutes with it into a Rumble 40 playing various things.

Then I got my hands on a 1954 Am Vintage II P Bass, and it also had a substantial neck. It was pre-loaded with flats and it was super smooth to play. I really loved the tone! It seemed like the tone knob didn’t have a ton of darkening effect on the tone so that was a bit puzzling. I think I enjoyed it quite a bit more than the Tele bass. Twice the price though…

I also played a AM Pro II P Bass, and a 1966 AM Vintage II Jazz Bass with a white matched headstock but those 2 really didn’t do anything for me.

I walked out before the GAS man got noisy and then realized I didn’t even check out the rest of the store! Needless to say I’ll be going back this week to see the rest of the shop and have another go at those 2 basses. :thinking:


If it was me in that situation… enjoy your new bass. :rofl:


Not my GAS, but a colleagues :wink:




Sure……. :grin:

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A few items from my travels yesterday…

An 80s bullet bass

A double P mystery bass, this guy sounded great to be honest but they couldn’t tell me much about it’s origin as it’s on consignment. They did say they can inquire with the owner for details and price negotiations. That’s good news.

What do you guys think? Parts build? or is this some other model I’m unaware of? The serial appears to be a MX one from 2012.

Another tele bass

A V4 Cab (this was tempting…)

They seemed to have about four different B15 models and a vintage SVT as well. Didn’t get a change to play through those.

I did try a vintage V4B that they had but it seemed like it needed servicing so I powered it off pretty quickly.

So far all I have purchased is a Filter Twin pedal. I’m finally ready to tackle Physical Touch by Mayer Hawthorne with this effect in my arsenal!

These were all at Motor City Guitar in Waterford for those who might be curious.

I also went to Detroit Guitar in Birmingham but the bass selection was pretty thin. They had some really dope Les Pauls and Custom Shop strats there though.

Well, that’s all for now!


Weird. Jazz body but Double-P. Looks like a Gotoh bridge? Hard to say. Finish looks pretty rough. If you find out what it is post in the double-P thread :slight_smile:


Fender created this model some times ago, I remember. It’s part of the Blacktop series.


I remember this, didn’t have a chance to look yet. And you beat me to it!


That looks to be it! Thanks for the info dude.