How Do I Make A Home Recording?

HI Gang, time to enlist the collective brain power of the group. The hospital I work for wants to make a video about infection control. They have picked a song and one of the guys in the group has rewritten the lyrics to what we need and he played it on a
his ukulele so we could see what it looks like. I need to lay down a bass track under his ukulele so the group will know what a bass line would sound like based on this tempo and key.

Here’s my issue. I don’t have a recording studio and haven’t done this before. I can get the MP3 onto my phone so I can play it through my bass amp, but how do I record the bass line while playing to the MP3 back into another MP3 file so I can upload it back to the group. All I have are two smart phones to work with. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ronnie Lyons
Meridian, Idaho

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You will need some kind of recording device, such as a Digital Audio Interface (DAI) and recording software. There’s more to it. You might want to get started here:


I am a novice but I am having fun recording at home

I had to purchase
A $100 audio interface from Focusrite -
Scarlett Solo | Focusrite

Then I got a copy of Reaper (You can use the demo its full featured)
REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits

Then I also picked up a cheap pair of monitor speakers since my computer speakers sounded like trash.
Mackie CR3-XBT 3" Active 50W Bluetooth Multimedia Studio Monitors, Pair | Guitar Center

Plug this all together - Get over the small learning curve of how to use Reaper and its been super fun.

You can plug your bass directly into the audio interface. I plug my Boss GB-1 directly into it.