HOW TO: creating a GP5 with synched audio from Rocksmith PSARC songs

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Search for the band you are looking for, in this case Palaye Royale

NOTE: the more efficient (but more complicated) way is to use the filter function.

Download the song you are looking for, in this case Mr. Doctor Man

(The “can’t load this file type” message can be safely ignored)

If there are several files to download, use the one that ends with “_p.psarc”


Download and unzip RocksmithToTab from RocksmithToTab v1.1 released - Better handling of many files · Rocksmith to GuitarPro tabs exporter

Just drop the PSARC file on RocksmithToTab.exe, using the explorer. If you have a Mac: get a proper PC … or find out yourself how that works :slight_smile:

Voila, you now have a GP5!


Download and install RocksmithToolkitGUI from

Click on the Packer/unpacker tab and enable “Decode Audio”.

Click on “Unpack” and select your PSARC file.

Open it - yay, you have an OGG file now (OGG is like MP3, but better!).

The song you are looking for is the larger OGG in audio\windows - the other one is just a preview.

Next, I will show how to import the GP5 and OGG into GuitarPro and make sure it’s synched.
Just need to figure out, how to get rid of the tempo automations in the OGG.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


PS It’s of course easier to import the PSARC into Tonelib Jam and just … play!


OK, I think I found out how the synching in Guitar Pro works.


Load the GP5 into Guitar Pro. It looks like this:

Now, have a moment of silence to enjoy the tempo automations. @Gio and @howard will tell you why :slight_smile:

If you have done that, just load the OGG into Guitar Pro by clicking on that strange symbol to the left of the guitar icon above.
It looks an out-of-shape sine curve bra…

Now you should have something like this:


So, be prepared to be confused by the 19BPM of the audio track, at least in this case. It WTFed the hell out of me.

It’s easy to solve: click on the gear symbol


Select “Create Sync Points from Score tempo Automations” and confirm.

You’re good to go now:

Save it as a new GP format, so the audio does not get lost…



So you mean to tell me that I can use ANY customforge Rocksmith files to make tabs in guitar pro? This is a game changer

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Yes - I mean to tell you that :slight_smile:

Please read the comments of @Gio and @howard in my otherwise phantastic thread: List of play-along songs with synchronised tabs on Youtube

Not everybody is happy - but many/most tracks are really good enough to play along! Just try and give feedback…


In my best impersonation of a Brooklyn accent.

Not’in for nothin @Whying_Dutchman you are really really good with this sh!t, I watched your YouTube videos. They are freakin awesome. Forget’bout it.


Maaaan - (in my best impersonation of a Monty Python German accent) anybody can do those videos: download from , import to Tonelb Jam, record with screen recorder and upload to YouTube.

Even the extraction of GP5 and ogg is simple!

The most challenging part is that it’s tortally boring to do ^^

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Do you have gp8?

I meant do you have any plans to upgrade

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Of course I have GP8! I always update to the newest versions…

EDIT I use GP5 as it is compatible with Tonelib Jam…


Oh cool. I’m having trouble syncing the audio I’ll pm you in a bit. If you don’t mind of course

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What would be the reason some files don’t convert to gp8?

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Of course not - always happy to help! Do you mind if I look into it tomorrow?
It’s late in good ol’ Europe…

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Can you post examples? WIll test tomorrow!

I had a good few that didn’t convert from the psarc files and I did them all at once, I tried adding one at a time and it didn’t go through but I was really trying to get this one CustomsForge - Rocksmith 2014 Remastered CDLC

It’s Sara Bareilles - Love on the Rocks

edit: Is it because the progress bar has to go all the way full? I’ve just been closing the window when it says "done :slight_smile: "

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Yeah! I’m working anyways. It’ll sit in your inbox. Thanks.

I’ll check tomorrow and get back to you!

EDIT @BumbleJazz Tonelin Jam opens it perfectly. This is for you in the meantime:
Sara BareillesLove on the Rocksv1DD_p.pdf (563.0 KB)

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_tear:

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OK - it works perfectly on my PC with the “drop to RocksmithToTab.exe” method. Do you have … a Mac?

Note: it creates a GP5 in the subfolder “rocksmith_tabs” within the folder where the original PSARC is.

Going to sleep now, but promise to solve it tomorrow, if you still have issues!

No I have a pc but i dont think I’m exactly doing it right. Thanks for your help I’m gonna try to keep working on this

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Will make a video tomorrow!

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I figured it out, I wasn’t dragging and dropping for the files that didnt convert

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