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After getting the Alpha Omega Ultra, and downloading the Darkglass Suite to load cab sims and what not, I was trying to figure out how to load other sims, since that is a feature.
I was also looking up some other devices on Amazon. Joyo has this Cab box pedal that actually looks pretty amazing. I watched JHS Pedals do a review on the newer Joyo pedals and he ran every pedal thru this thing to show how good this amp less device was.
While reading about the features, it kept saying it had installed Amp sims, Cab sims and IR slots with 10 spots to load your own
After seeing this IR mentioned over and over, I felt kind of dumb for not knowing WTF an IR is. so I looked it up, started reading about it, and started looking for some. of course, most of them cost money, and I was still not sure that it was even compatible with my AOU, so I did not want to pay for anything.
My search for free IR WAV files took me to threads on TalkBass. one of the TalkBass members is this Dr. B that has a sound lab and creates IR files for sale. He supports them thru talk bass as well as on his site. anyway, the following is a post created by Dr. B on talk bass. the link is to some free IR files he put on his site for FREE download to help spread a little joy thru the days of COVID-19
you can follow the link to the pack that you will need to select .wav files as the type, and then ADD TO CART, then CHECK OUT. you need to give an e-mail address, and billing address, but you DO NOT need to give any credit card information. you create a password at the very end, check the button to say I AGREE, and then press PURCHASE.

You will need something to up-pack the compressed file, and if you don’t have anything, it gives you a link to a free un-zip download that works.

I have downloaded, unpacked and added them to my Alpha Omega Ultra successfully, I just have not tested them yet.

Here is the link for anybody that wants it.

Also, please share any IR’s or sites for free or good paid for IR files in this thread if you have any.

Since so many musicians have been affected by this virus, not only getting ill, but also having gigs, tours, and teaching sessions dry up, I thought I would put together this free cab pack to give you a little joy in your life while we are all sheltering in place: Dr Bonkers In This Together™ Cab Pack IR Collection


Not quite what you’re asking but I really like the free Ignite Amp’s NadIR as an IR plugin. Should work in any DAW with full VST/Audio Unit support.

I use it in all my recording now (unless I am trying to show clean bass).

I also love love love their bass amp sim:

(links might not scroll correctly, just scroll down if not).

Anyway, you load IR files into NadIR in your DAW, kind of like how you describe loading them into your Alpha/Omega.


That works for this thread too.

I figure just a place to share IR files and links.

BTW, that pack I linked to above is not specific to DarkGlass or any format. they are .wav files and work with anything that supports downloading .wav IR files


OK, I’ll bite!

After winding us up like that, you can’t just leave us hanging still not knowing what the heck an IR is!! :rofl:


Impulse/Response. Basically, a mapping of signal input to signal output across a frequency range for a given device. It’s used to model a few different types of things via convolving the audio signal with the IR file. Cab sims especially are a good example - the IR file is a mapping of how the real cabinet changes the sound across the audio spectrum, and your cab sim applies that to your bass tone to make it sound like it is going through the cab.


Oh sorry, I was talking about it with Amp and Cab sims, so I thought I gave the idea that is what it was.
My Dark Glass Alpha Omega Ultra can have IR files loaded to the pedal thru the Darkglass Suite software.

I just tested those I linked to, and I think I like some of them best, better then the Factory Cab Sims.

This pedal looks really freaking cool, and even tho it is $200, it does a whole freaking lot. I certainly am not going to get one because I have that area on my board well covered, but if I were starting out from scratch, this would get a serious look.

But I was mainly wondering of others have been using IR files for their devices, and well, DAW’s, and if so, where they are getting them from.
AND to post that link for the FREE pack for anybody who wants it.


Thanks for clarifying, @howard and @T_dub!


if it were me, for that price range i would probably go for the DG cab simulator/headphone amp which just came out. which i think is absolutely cool and i have absolutely no use for :rofl:


Yeah, they both look cool, but I am not going for either, don’t need em, have too many things that do what they do already, but they look cool.


So, am I to understand that you need some sort of hardware device, and then you download these IR files and install them in said contraption? And then put the contraption in your pedal chain and your solid state amp magically transforms into a tube amp?

I feel like this topic is dragging me back into the multi-effects pedal rabbit hole.


BTW, that pack that I posted above, and said I did not try out.
Well, I tried them out and the review is they are GREAT.

there is like 3 SWR cabs an Ampeg cab and others.

In the DarkGlass Alpha Omega Ultra, I had a very hard time even telling the difference between when it was on, and off. I had a harder time telling the difference between ANY of the IR files that come with the pedal.

I loaded the ones from that pack, and they sound GREAT.
I can tell when they are on and off, and they all have a unique sound.

I recommend that pack. IDK if @terb uses any IR files, but if you do, and you get the pack that I linked to in the first post of this thread, there are some great SWR IR files. Just and FYI

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Yes. Somebody said it the other file, that these are the same thing as the Amp and Cab sims that were in the Zoom devices. There are pedals that can use IR files, like my Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra, which is a $400 pedal, or some made specific JUST for IR files, like the JOYO Cab Box.

But, you can use these in your DAW, as a matter of fact, your DAW already uses them, you can just use different ones.

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You can do it all in your DAW. I am not the one to ask how yet, but @howard can help with this, others too.


In Reaper?

@howard SOS! LOL


I am 100% sure you can, I just don’t know how.

If you go to the site in the first post in this thread, the DR. Sound or something like that, he has a FREE download that I linked to. You can start by downloading them, that way when somebody tells you how to use them in Reaper, you have them ready to go.

Also the site that @howard linked to in the next post, I got those last night, but have not tried them in GB yet.


Yes absolutely, I do all this in the DAW. You absolutely do not need more hardware for this (unless you want another pedal). The control UI in the DAW will be like 10x better than any pedal though, and generally these are things you turn on and leave on.

The site I linked above has an excellent free amp and cab sim to use in Reaper or any other DAW. There’s many others though.

You apply them to tracks just like any other effect in Reaper. They have excellent UIs for tweaking them.

I can post examples later if you are still having trouble.


How do you do that?
I really don’t know anything about effects in Reaper.
I know how to record, playback, and convert to MP3… that’s about it lol.


It’s super easy.


Thanks I’ll check it out.

Where would I install those IR thingies so I can use them as effects in Reaper?


You install them just like any other VST plugin.