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cover_when_im_64_t2 on Vimeo When I’m 64
Here_4_good_time on Vimeo Here For A Good Time
Best Of My Love Cover on Vimeo Best Of My Love
Hawaii Five-0 Cover on Vimeo Hawaii Five-0
tasteof honey_cover_11092020 on Vimeo A Taste Of Honey
409 on Vimeo 409
GOOD on Vimeo Good
The Work Song on Vimeo The Work Song
Love Me Do on Vimeo Love Me Do
https://vimeo.com/484939931 Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bell Rock 2 on Vimeo Jingle Bell Rock 2
All I Want For Christmas Is You on Vimeo All I Want For Christmas Is You
Can't Buy Me Love on Vimeo Can’t Buy Me Love
Wade In The Water1 on Vimeo Wade In The Water
Last Train To Clarksville on Vimeo Last Train To Clarksville
Johnny B Goode on Vimeo Johnny B Goode
Sunny on Vimeo Sunny
Why Don't We Just Dance on Vimeo Why Don’t We Just Dance
Colour My World on Vimeo Colour My World
Folsum Prison Blues on Vimeo Folsum Prison Blues
Bad Moon Rising.mp4 on Vimeo Bad Moon Rising
Crazy on Vimeo Crazy
Michelle on Vimeo Michelle
End Of The Line T2.mp4 on Vimeo End Of The Line
Hound Dog.mp4 on Vimeo Hound Dog
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.mp4 on Vimeo Bad Bad Leroy Brown
The Gambler on Vimeo The Gambler
I Wanna Be Aroung on Vimeo I Wanna Be Around
Greased Lightnin' on Vimeo Greased Lightnin’
Those Magic Changes on Vimeo Those Magic Changes
Give It Away on Vimeo Give It Away
Why Haven't I Heard From You on Vimeo Why Haven’t I Heard From You
Here, There And Everywhere on Vimeo Here, There And Everywhere

All so beautifully done.
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Thank you David!

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