List of play-along songs with synchronised tabs on Youtube

Song: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Artist: Muse
Tuning: standard EADG

Song: Reasons To Be Beautiful
Artist: Hole
Tuning: standard EADG

Song: Siamese Twins
Artist: The Cure
Tuning: standard EADG
Source: Songster

Original Songster tabs:
Cure (The) - Siamese Twins.pdf (180.9 KB)

This is a song where the length of the songster tab did not match the actual song length.

So, I went along and used GoPlayalong to synch tabs/audio and then used the CustomsForge tools to create a PSARC. I imported this to ToneLib Jam - and this is the resulting video.

@faydout - don’t tell @howard or @gio about this :slight_smile:

They might complain about things BUT for playing along the video is just fine. Every note pops up where it should be - and this is what matters for beginners, right?

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Song: Siamese Twins
Artist: The Cure
Tuning: standard EADG - but only using the E and A string. It sounds better and you can sliiiiiiiiideeeeeeeee!
Source: Songster

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Both versions are a little bit different than how I was playing it, although all 3 versions seem to capture the spirit of the song well enough that I’ll probably work on all 3 so that I can play around with things like adding in sliiiides!. Both of these found my missing notes, that 5-3-2 about 2/3’s of the way through was just a 5-5-5. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been listening to this song for over 40 years. Thank you, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making them and I’ll work on it some more tonight. This is the first whole song I’ve gotten down, and after doing almost nothing but B2B for the past 3 weeks, it’s a really fun break to play something I know and love.


Happy to help! Just tell me if you need other songs…

You have shown my bat signal, and now here I am.

This, too, is an inaccurate tab.

The notes do not pop up where they should be - some sort of note pops up, but it is often not correct.

This tab version is a fine beginning version and if it is satisfying to play to, great. Go for it.

I hope that it isn’t considered complaining to point out inaccuracies?
You leave me in a difficult place. I do not have the time or inclination to correct these mistakes and publish a correct tab for Siamese Twins.
Neither do you.

My decision is to not publish a tab at all, as I can’t do it justice.
Your decision is to publish inaccurate tabs that you do not vet or correct.


Nonono - finding issues is the only way to correct them Otherwise I wouldn’t shine the bat signal :slight_smile:

Yeah - I think it’s better to have something to play to and enjoy it, even if it’s formally not 100% correct.
The issue is with Songster and CustomsForge files, not original Rocksmith.

I hope that some people post correct tabs, so I can integrate them in the videos!

Hello @chris_van_hoven ,

To be completely honest with you , I found these a bit difficult at first. The videos were almost too busy for my little pea brain to comprehend. But the more I watch , the clearer they have become.

I have no idea how long these videos take you to build but wanted to say thank you. Really appreciate all the efforts and for building all these songs for this Bad A$$ community.

Have A Fabulous Weekend ,

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No worries!
It’s my way of giving back cause of all the fun I have here in this forum - and it’s mostly not too much effort.

Tell me when you’re looking for something special.
If you want I can switch to a less playful mode too - these are the options:

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Now I See

The first :55 works for sure and this was the first time that I realized the stings individually lite up in 3D mode

However, I am willing to bet that the 3D option makes sense to others so no need to change it up for one yahoo like myself

If I were to suggest a tune or two , what’s best for you? Meaning , Bass Tab , Ultimate Guitar , etc

Are Jam Bands difficult to break down?? Thinking about The Cheese , The Panic , UM or do you prefer we simply stick with original tunes by legendary artist?


Best is to read my long monolog in the original post … and look if you can find your song in
That’s the easy way (for me).

If you have a tab, I can create the video from that. As I wrote above - and some BassBuzz members will eagerly confirm: many tabs are not well written and poorly synched to the audio.

But I will try my best to make it work!

Why don’t you name one or two songs that you would like to have? Title/Artist…

Yo @chris_van_hoven ,

I just clicked on that Ignition link but I have never logged in to that site before to create a profile

Here ( BLACK CLOUDS CHORDS by The String Cheese Incident @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com ) is a link from Ultimate Guitar. If this becomes a royal pain in the A$$ , don’t bother with it. I basically double strum on the root notes which simply accents our guitar player. Very interested in adding some color/flavor to my part.

Again, if this isn’t in your wheelhouse , no worries

Thanx In Advance ,

Will look at it tomorrow. Here in Germany the electricity gets switched off at night, so I 'll answer tomorrow morning…

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Yes please don’t take my critique of bad machine transcriptions as criticism of you, @chris_van_hoven - I simply dislike misinformation and have an unhealthy habit of pointing it out when I see it. Machine transcriptions often produce extreme hot-takes of music and unfortunately your weapon of choice there seems to be especially prone to a few repeated behaviors.

This does not imply that I think you are anything but awesome for trying to help people out here!


@howard: No worries, really!
I would not involve you here in this thread if I was not looking to improve stuff, @howard & @gio!

You are very helpful!

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So, no luck at CustomsForge:

No luck in my personal GuitarPro files collection:

No luck finding a MIDI file with Google

The link you provided gives me me only the guitar chords, not bass tabs that I could download.

So this doesn’t work, unfortunately :frowning:

Best send me a list of 10 songs you want per private message and I wil go on a hunt for it.

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Song: Another Brick in the Wall
Artist: Pink Floyd
Tuning: Drop D

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Song: Never Been To Spain
Artist: Three Dog Night
Tuning: standard EADG

Song: Hold on Im Coming
Artist: Sam & Dave
Tuning: standard EADG