New Year's resolutions (2021)

So 2020 is finally coming to an end. What are your bass related new year’s resolutions?

Mine are:

  • Finally finish the remaining lessons of BassBuzz (maybe even before 2021?)
  • Master the fretboard once and for all. While I can easily navigate through the fretboard, I still have to think where the notes are (Ok, here’s a C so a G is there and the A# I wanted is here - stuff like this)
  • Continue improving soloing skills (this year had an astronomic improvement comparing to the last 5)
  • Look into tapping
  • Record more and (re)start doing covers. My last recorded public cover has now 11 years (wow! had no idea, just checked it)
  • Add the exercises module and other useful practice tools into my side project and finally release it to the general public

What about you guys?


Play bass for 365 days without missing a single day. That is my only resolution for 2021.


maybe record a few covers … that’s my only resolution :grin:


Not really resolutions, but my goals for 2021:

  • Improve my 16th notes (speed and accuracy) to a level where I can decently play songs that contain 16th notes… Currently this is really limiting my song choices.
  • Get to a level where I can justify to myself the purchase of that second bass I’ve been drooling at

I don’t really do resolutions… not good in sticking with them :sweat_smile:

But, I kinda like @eric.kiser’s approach! That, and finding a way to keep that pesky finger arthritis at bay…


I’m not making any resolutions for 2021. I’m going to be busy fulfilling my 2019 resolution to stop procrastinating… maybe… if I get around to it.


Uuuh, that’s a good one


I wanted a new amp, then I listen to what I’m playing and think…does anyone need to hear this louder? I like the idea of being good enough to have a new bass but the ones I have are better than I deserve. Last years resolution was to finish my degree, record my music, learn a new instrument…this years resolution will be to play in public again. Some bar, a group of friends, do a gig on the the big strings.


Well you typed mine! I’m with you.


Same, plus hopefully some original music :slight_smile:


My New Years resolution is to f-ing smash it!! I will dedicate more of my time and effort than I ever have before to seriously play so much better. I have reached all of the goals I ever wanted to with my career (aviation) so now it’s time to focus on becoming a true Badass on the bass. Ok, not the @JoshFossgreen level but I’m committed to be as good as I can be. Maybe my son Lucas will give Josh a run for his money in time. He’s 7 years old and I bought him a Squire mini bass for Christmas and he’s just lapping up the lessons that Dad gives him everyday.
(I had to give Lucas his present early this year because he couldn’t reach the F and G on the E string of my bass)


Okay, I said I won’t post any new resolutions (since I haven’t even done the ones from years past) so how about some 2021 goals instead. Here’s a couple I have in mind:

  • Learn at least one new song per month (and record a cover)

  • Play more with other humans, perhaps even get with a group and play gigs.

  • Finish the Sight Reading course on TalkingBass. It’s an extremely long and comprehensive course, and I’m only as far as halfway through level 3 (there are 6 levels, and Mark is working on adding more).

  • Work more on ear training and improve upon my “playing by ear” skill.

I’m sure there are more, but these are on the top of my list.


Good for you, Pam @PamPurrs . . . those are some pretty lofty goals :+1:

Your new avatar looks good, too! :wink:

Cheers, Joe


Thanks @Jazzbass19 Joe , it’s a snag from my cover of Still Got the Blues. It wasn’t intentional when I made the video, but it almost appears that I’m on stage with Gary Morris (which is strange, considering he passed away 8 years before I started playing bass).
Still got the Blues with Gary


It is very well done - could have fooled anyone!! Also, this Gary Morris guy is doing a damn good Gary Moore impression :rofl:


My son is 8 and is taking guitar lessons. Maybe some day Owen and Lucas will be in a kickass band that tops the charts and makes the kind of money that will allow their dads to retire into the luxurious lifestyles they deserve.


My bass goals for 2021 are:

  1. Finally finish the Beginner to Badass Course
  2. Total 225 practice sessions (which, if my math is correct, would be an average of between 4/5 sessions per week)
  3. Play with at least one other real live human being (in addition to my son)

My main goal for 2021 is to join a band, or to find some like-minded musicians and form a band. I do enjoy my solo practice and playing along to songs, but I think collaborating with other musicians is what is needed to really boost my playing to the next level at this point. I tried jamming with a couple random guitarists not long after finishing B2B, and it was a pretty big wake-up call that my skills were not as developed as I thought they were from playing alone in my basement. Now after a few more months of practice I feel much more prepared. Hopefully this cloud over live music clears up soon and leads to some opportunities.

Oh and also to make it through Jon Liebman’s 52-week “Bass Aerobics” book of exercises.


I’ve already started with it - get back into regular practice.
It doesn’t have to be extensive training.
I just want to relive my old rule when I had more time on my hands: It does not matter how long but pick up that bass daily.

I also want to revisit the bass buzz course by doing it together with my father. I think it’ll be fun and will also good to cement what I learned and clean up my playing.

Of course I also want to learn the remaining songs of my band but that’s more of a given than a new years resolution. I hope we can get back to band practice again but as it is not in my hands that’s also not a resolution.


Now that sounds like a plan Mike!!