Pedals, what’s a good starting point?


Here is a thread that will answer most of your questions about which pedals to get and how to arrange them.

As far as the active bass, it just does a lot of the EQ stuff that you can also do at the amp. Just be sure to unplug the cable when not using it because it eats batteries while plugged in, even if the amp is off.


Thanks for that link. I’ll have a good read through it and then go hunting lol
Oh and thanks for the heads up on unplugs the bass! I had no idea it would do that !


Active EQ or Active pick ups. There is a difference. However, even active pick ups, if turned off, will eat the battery if you leave the cord in. With Active EQ, you have options to adjust the signal, with a boost, you may get away without adding an EQ pedal, (however an EQ pedal gives you an option to EQ the signal at different places.) With active pick ups, you can turn them off or on. So you could run thru a board on passive mode,

Either way, the basics will be the same. I think that Josh’s Peavey has active pick ups, but I could be wrong. So his build may be around active pick ups, if that’s what you have @mac

Again the basics should be the same either way.